Katana deflection and more

I have just tested the new katana and even if the right click attack is brutal ,it feels like it lacks of variety, i would replace the kick with a deflective parry so that it will really feel like wielding a katana. Something like pressing the key to the right moment to parry and deflect the attack.

Edit: The light swings are too slow . The weapons in general also lacks of jump attacks.

-The arrows now feels heavier and deals more damage , could be also an idea giving the possibility to cut/deflect the arrows like how it happens in the witcher 3, in addition parryng an arrow to the right moment could give a buff on the speed (few seconds) making you charge into the archer.

-The bows makes an useless use of the CTRL key , a key that could be used to dodge like it happens with the daggers or to kick with a new animation that will push back the enemies like it happens with the shields

Edit 2: I have noticed that you made the Katana with the tsuba weaker than the Shirasaya and in my opinion the one with the tsuba looks more cool and should have an equal powerfull version


They should definitively make Parry be possible with weapons as being a weaker version of block as it exists in shields. Kick is totally useless.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

You are welcome :wink:

In real life you actually parry swinging the sword , so the difference with a shield should be that with a shield you can hold the shield up and without you can parry only pressing the key in the right moment or at least a defensive stance that you can hold only for few seconds.

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Yes parry would rock!

Indeed, like in chivalry.

There are some unused kicks in the editor. Probably for a Monk class. One of these kicks could be used for the alt-attack. A sweeping kick would be interesting. Add a knock-down condition, if target is stunned or off-balance, from a parry.

I also like the idea of parry. If in heavy stance the parry is active. A parry triggered would use stamina similar to a dodge. Perhaps resetting charge for heavy attack. Only useful against blade weapons — hammer, dagger, mace, axe and … shield are immune to parry. If in heavy stance when active; you lose stamina from both the stance and parries. Too many parries and you lose your heavy charge attack.

Parry makes sense for katana. (and other weapons) Yes, it can be done, has been done in other games. The right conditions need to be met. It is less a twitch mechanic, more a stance mechanic.

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