Katana pvp balance suggestion

Yesterday I got to play around with the katana that was released, it felt cool and looked sleek, with the potential for people to live out their samurai weeb dreams. I thought the idea of having a heavy dash attack that was versatile enough to be used in any order in the combo rotation was great. And in Pve it felt fine, though I play on a server that got rid of armor stats so our stat lines are bit more basic. Then when it came to some casual sparring among other players, I realized I would almost never use this weapon. While it has mobility in the dash and a good light combo, it’s combo is breakable by anything. You end opening alright but then they swing at you and you are interrupted and left for dry with little chance to get the full combo off to apply that bleed. And the dash would be amazing to include in the combo, but it’s the only move that can stun someone long enough to get that first light hit in. My suggestion isn’t a damage increase or messing around with the numbers, merely include a stunning effect on the light combo rotation equal to that of other weapons heavy attacks, that way you are given enough of an opporunity to use your dash or see the end of a combo.

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