Minor feed back about the Katana

I absolutely love the idea of this weapon as i own a few myself irl. However the way it was implemented in the game disappointed me. Personally i was hoping to have the Meta shaken around a bit but that did not happen.

The katana, The motions the blade make are unique and quite enjoyable but Katana’s despite being rather large due to how they are made they are very light. The Katana should move faster.

The Katanas heavy attack is extremely unwieldy and hard to use effectively and it more for show than anything else. While i like the charge mechanic i don’t think we should have to press R1 to fire off the attack. Rather i think we should have to release the R2 trigger to perform the attack. If you haven’t guessed it i am on ps4

it was mentioned we would be able to chain the attack without loosing place in our combo but that doesn’t work currently for me on ps4. Not sure why but it doesn’t also linking this attack in is extremely hard and unwieldy and cannot be used well in most any combat.

Also i feel as they the Katana should bleed on all strike rather than the last. As the likely hood of hitting that last swing is very unlikely due to speed and the way players fight.

Finally i feel as though the Katana should actually be considered an accuracy weapon much like a Dexterity based weapon in other games. As Katana’s are not hacking nor stabbing weapons they are slicing weapon it does not require near as much force to slice a limb of with a katana than it does to hack one off with a long sword.

Anyway thats all the feedback i have for this weapon thanks for reading.

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