Katana destroyed

Sorry for not using your tamplete I dont think it matters cause the recent update just destroyed the katana . 4 charge attack doesnt do damage any more. Some players play alone and need a weapon to damage a group of opponents . For me it was the katana. Now honestly i dont want to play anymore. Every update since 3 i just need adjust my character just to use strengh weapons , there is no point in agility its useless now.


One of funcoms specialties is balance.


I figured this would happen once they turned off the multiplier for the special attack. It would have been better if we at least got a drastic reduction in stamina costs so that way we would replace the massive hit with ability to spam hits more readily.


It’s not only the multiple damage that got nerved (what would have been absolutly ok). The jumpdistance is halved, high damage only, if you time the attack, so that you hit the target at max distance. Near attacks get sanctioned with a 50% light attack damage. And the "end animation of the attack seems longer than before.
Oh, and you no longer pass your target. You just get stopped like from a wall.
I hope, all the “skillfull” spear users ( poke, poke, poke) are happy now. You don’t need skill for good weapon. You don’t need to fear daggers, katanas and all the weapons that got nerved. You again can rule with your pointy stick!
(rant off. will never happen again)


DAMN! That’s not nerfing, that’s freaking curb stomping. I want my money back for the ancient armaments then because the dragonbone katana is just lipstick on a pig.


I didn’t even get the chance of trying it with an agility build.
So, here it goes:
2022-11-30 02_12_56-Window
I hope you’re happy. Another weapon ruined.


This is why I had been so oppositional to the idea of “rebalancing” pets. As much as I love the game and respect Funcom, they have a poor track record and a heavy hand when it comes to ‘rebalancing’ things. And off the top of my head, I struggle to think of features which were rebalanced/adjusted/nerfed (call it what one will), and came out better as result of the adjustment.


You cant catch now running attackers with katana and you cant replace hits cause its damn useless

Welp, back to the shortsword for PvE.

I’m starting to think they troll us on purpose! :rofl:


Yup, voidforged gladius. It’s a beast. But the katana was awesome too.

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Yes I am happy thank you for asking. But am I happy because of the katana? Not rly. PvP players didnt ask for a ground nerf. We wanted it to be balanced. Wich I can tell people in this forums are not much for. People rather have a weapon that can 1 hit someone with 80% of hp rather than getting good with weapons. :slight_smile:

People just didnt want katana dash to do multiple hits in one go. It’s FUNCOMS poorly way of nerfing stuff you should shout at instead of people who actually want balance in the game lol.


I have been Using the Katana since its release and though i agree it needed some adjustments with the multi hit it did NOT need the curb stomp it received. Just a damage reduction to the multi hit would have been fine I feel. NOW all the Katana is, is just a basic blade light and heavy attacks ZERO reason to use dash attack now, except for MAYBE a reposition MAYBE. It sucks i lost a little drive to play the game now, i can only hope that they figure out some way to make the Katana unique again somehow, as it stands now its not unique at all, its just a different sword skin with short range and useless special attack.


I share your pain buddy i cant duel anymore just attack from behind. No chance winning now strengh characters with two handed sword or hammer.
Their heavy armors are focused on strengh , they have wolf helmet too. Meat with 15%boost, alcohol boost and strengh poition 15%.
What us agility guys have now? Light armors with high boosts or heavy with low boosts , alcohol and poition. For summing you will loose because you cant dash hit away with high dammage.
They destroyed us

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So I got to play around and yes the special attack is dulled. However I can still do the pass through anime style with it. So the blade is more of a dance between light continuous quick attacks, more damaging slow heavy attacks, and this special attack that does several things…charge up, closes a gap against someone that is trying to get away (IE daggers backflip), and finish a combo in a way that you avoid immediate retaliation.

It’s going to take time to master but I think it still has value…however the time and energy to master it may not be worth it when you can pick up your axe and hack and slash quickly with limited thought in it.


You are welcome to try to things that will fail:
Try replace heavy hits against 2 hand sword
Catch a runner with two handed sword with katana , the first hit is to high to catch them and the heavy hit is too slow.

What i used to like about the katana was to feint 3 hits to seduce the the other player and then when he runs towards me i dash through him with high damage. They could have just low a bit the damage .

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Its waiting for the next dum nerf…

A few more updates apart and we’ll be weaker than thralls again and the game will be ruined.

I know not very positive… but those nerfs gotta stop.

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I hate easy ways i like challenge . Being agility character is challenging but sadly we have to use strengh now cause there is no chance against them now . I tested it so many times against my pals at my maps. I use to rule there now i need to find new sorry ass tactics

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Let me make sure I understood you properly. Are you saying wearing heavy armor and 2h swords became viable on pvp? And after all those years of COMPLETE light armor, daggers/pike domination that’s a bad thing?
If funcom achieved this, I salute them.

I duel a lot . But now i cant create high damage with katana. So now it will get boring. Imagine two players just press heavy hit button until one dies thats how it gonna be. The one with high health armor and buffs will win.
Agility suppose to be light and deadly but now is light and easy