Katana Bug - Full charge damage without charging

Get a Katana and do 3 light attacks in a row, then use CTRL to dash into an enemy.

Deal immensive damage (possibly oneshot)

Get Blade of Seven Winds and put oil of agony on it to oneshot enemies with any armor.

Video demonstration:


I don’t want to flame situations here, just the first thing that came to my mind. Wasn’t it about time spear to have a counter? I see 4 spears against one katana! And these 4 spears are no noobies, isn’t it? Again I don’t want to flame here, I am just seeing something that I like, I see change witch I believe is good. Just sharing my thought!
Thank you @SirDaveWolf your videos are always educational, always, thank you master!

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So a 1 hitting weapon should be the counter? No. And there is weapons to use against spears. Not just as efficient. Put in mind that spear also is one of the hardest weapons to get good with.


Also spear is still one of the lowest dmg weapons/per hit. And not a good weapon to trade with either since the lack of hyperarmor.

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You have PERMANENT hyper armor with Katana LIGHT attacks :smiley:

And in 1v1 spear will win easily, because you can dodge it and walk around them. It’s just when suddenly 5-6 ppl start doing random dashes that deal 80%-100%+ of damage to you, then it starts getting ridiculous

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But the point of my post is:

aren’t you supposed to actually CHARGE UP your attack with CTRL to deal massive damage? Because due to a bug you don’t need to.


I can see your point. Still your demonstration was with blade of the seven wings with oil of agony! @dorpie I am against one shots, truly, but I can assure you that no matter how good farmer you are, you will see this item one every 6 months, it’s a really rare drop. So if we go back to craft able, is there a katana to one shot you, even in Siptah! If there is, this can be a problem! So yes I totally agree that one shots must not exist, totally agree, the only parts I wanted to point, is the new meta against the spear (breaks the tabbos) and the helpful posts of @SirDaveWolf that don’t take the love that they should in this forum. His posts are always highly educational, always!

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Poitan Katana with master weapon fitting.


Omg… :rofl::rofl::rofl:. A bit op yes? New horse Lance I smell… Omg.

It is actually quite similar. If you watch the clips closely, you can observe that multiple hits are done.

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Did you find the counter for katanas yet? Isn’t there a perk that doesn’t allow to loose more than 50%of your hp in a single hit?

Only last stand helps.

Since it applies multiple hits, 20 Grit works a little bit. But you still receive too much damage.

But yet again, the point is: full charge damage without charging the katana up until a white blink appears.

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Totally agree, totally, it must be fixed!

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Seems intended. Requires up to 2ish seconds set-up for a combo.

Damages from each stage of charge attacks (1,2,3,4 sequence, not just how long the charge) are different.


1st charge damage potential, 10-100
2nd charge damage potential, 20-120
3rd charge damage potential, 30-130
4th charge damage potential, 150-500

(not actual damages) full charge = maximum damage.

Different formulas. As mentioned above, the damage from 4th charge attack after any 3 (or after 7, 11, 15 and so on) prior attacks, will go even higher if you also do the charging (up to the blink).

Isn’t it gives PvP more options? not just bunch of guys running around with a stick since…launch?
I have nothing against spears, spear is my most favorite weapon of every games I played, just feel bored to see every patch meta of Conan is always spears.

To my knowledge, katana charge attacks could do doubled or even tripled (used to be able to quadrupled in the past) damage if a target is back to a wall/tight area or a target is at the end of charge attack range, so a doubled up of full charge 4th attack will be extremely deadly.

However, even with the doubled up thing which could shine in group fights, can still be countered by other weapons and shield or negated by Last Stand. In the end, katana is somewhat weak in general, very strong in PvE, hard to mastered and still not the meta. I’m not sure if the doubled up thing is intended or bug but without it, the weapon will be garbage.


Add 172 base damage from agility, armor, normal star metal katana, buffs and master weapon fitting.

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And being in the line of fire when it goes off.

I mean… it’s a shot in the dark and you’re vulnerable afterward unless you dodge/expend stamina immediately to get out of the animation.

Won’t deny the damage but as it’s basically a skillshot with a decent wind-up I don’t see it as an overpowered move.


I dunno, but this makes me want to try an agility build

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It’s not a bug… the way it works is that if you get the combo off you will do multiple rapid-fire hits throughout the full dash… the longer something stays in it, the more of these hits they will get…
So it’s not a single damage hit… but like 5 quick ones. Usually small targets like humans will only get 2-3 of these, but large hitbox enemies can get the full chain.
The individual damage values however DO vary based on how long you charge it for, you just won’t notice much variance, a full charge would’ve killed you on that video.

However, I’m going to point out that this isn’t OP imo… setting this up is a step above “mindless button mashing” and you can very easily be killed while doing so. If you want to one-shot people it’s much easier to get a mario build and double jump and actually stomp them than setting this up while under attack
This however is one of the best features of an agility build in PvE, so I really don’t want yet another situation when we suddenly start pointing pvp fingers at it and end up ruining another weapon for no reason…



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Was the same with the lance. Funcom admitted, it was a bug. Why is the Katana an exception now again?

But I don’t care anymore. Enjoy your broken things. I will abuse it really hard now. Not in a 1v1 against an experienced spear user though. Because it shines in group fights, lagg and with spray and pray tactics.

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