Katana Bug - Full charge damage without charging

Upon second read of your post I’m thinking maybe you’re surprised that this is possible at all? It’s a combo finisher and intentional… it’s the only weapon where you can chain a block into the weapon combo so yes, any 3 flowing attacks with the katana immediately followed by a dash hold will count as a finisher to that combo and instead of doing a single hit, will do multiple hits.

So if you’re talking about that… then I can assure you 100% that it’s not a bug:

See? there are 4 different variations of the katana charge attack… each of them stronger.
They’re set up in a way that they can follow light or heavy attacks. For example the 3rd chain of light attack in the picture as you can see can be followed by either the 4th light attack chain… the 4th katana dash and the 4th heavy attack (that node isn’t expanded)
The same way the 2nd light attack can be followed by the less powerful 3rd charge attack… etc etc.

So this is 100% not a bug and somebody made different variations of this and set them up accordingly.


Yeah, okay, bad game design. Abuse it as long as it lasts :slight_smile:

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I will look into the multiple hits portion a bit more in-depth if I get a chance though as I wonder too, the above only tells me that indeed they meant to do multiple tiers of this charge dash and that they’re woven into the regular combos which is unique to a katana (for example hitting block with the greatsword for the overhead slash is a single entry and will simply break any combo you might have had and always do the same damage).
But yes, without this I’m not sure I’d like the katana at all :smiley: I really avoided it before I discovered this possibility of comboing the charge…

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Agreed, my favorite illusion is Argossean Pike but I will go with Kingslayer Polearm instead, as the advantage extra range hasn’t been fixed yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


Unbelievable, thank you guys, simply unbelievable! How much I am still missing :person_facepalming:t3:.

One last question that I need to ask years now and I keep forgetting! I always place bulked plating on the helmet and armor plating on the rest. It was a suggestion from a pvp admin years ago and I keep doing it, any other suggestions and explanations why it would be really appreciated!
This topic was fully educational for me and this will be the cherry on a wonderful cake.
Thank you guys

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Its been in as long as Katanas have been, and even buffed I believe. I don’t believe its going anywhere. Its not nearly as OP as it seems.


Yes, not fixed as well. Like so many things in this game.

Last stand perk helps. But unaware players are easy prey.

Newbies die. That’s what they do.

Okay, upon closer inspection that 4th charge attack entry has a different animation montage which appears to be an exact copy of the one used in the other 3, except having a different name.

The only purpose for that would be if they wanted to do something special with it… and just as well if I swap it over to the one used by all the others then the attack will still work fine, but will do a single hit instead.

What that tells us is that it’s not an “accident” and that there was 100% intent behind doing something with it beyond what they already could do (they could’ve simply set a damage modifier for it in that table to do that damage in a single hit). And since there isn’t anything other special about it than multiplying the hits my guess is that it was done for that purpose and somewhere along the line there’s a thing checking that “are we using this c1 animation montage or the standard c0 that the other 3 katana dash entries use” and if so then do damage on every collision notify event instead of just the one…

But… I’m not happy with that answer as I can’t seem to pinpoint it :stuck_out_tongue: I dived into it and found a sweepattack blueprint that seems to be responsible for this and weirdly in an almost unexplained way it only jumps into that if you’re doing this combo-dash, but I cannot find anything before that directing it there so it’s almost like “magic” :))) (sorcery!!). Though I haven’t spent too much time with the devkit and some of these funcom blueprints are quite hard to navigate. I would’ve really liked to find and point to the exact location where this distinction happens based on the montage used :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll look again when I’m bored, for now though I’ll say that it’s definitely not a bug that it does something extra, but I can’t be 100% sure that replicating the hit and this amount of times was the actual intent, though I’m 95% sure based on what I’ve seen so far.

Hope that explains it a bit better :stuck_out_tongue: And yea on a personal note I actually love this feature and it’s been one of the coolest things for me in this update as I didn’t really use katanas up to now since we didn’t have this freedom of builds and agility based weapon distinction so I’m hoping I’m correct and it isn’t a bug indeed, though I’ll still try to investigate it and see if I can be even more certain. :stuck_out_tongue:


They could at least remember which target was already hit, so hitting the same actor multiple times won’t happen. Or make it max 2 or 3 per actor.

But interesting finds :slight_smile:

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Yes… actually that’s the part that bugs me and why I’m still considering that it might be a bug… cuz I did find a section attempting to do exactly that :stuck_out_tongue: Now I assumed that it’s because it would be in an even worse state otherwise, but if that’s not the case then at the very least there needs to be some other special feature of it, since if it ends up being bugged, then that’s a whole lot of work they did there for nothing. Idk, will look at it tomorrow a bit more see if I can make heads or tails of it

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while we are canceling weapons, isn’t spear range to long? Do people really have to roll twice to dodge a spear!!! broken!! burn it down!!!

That’s actually kinda funny :smiley: cuz in my searching of this I came across a developer comment saying something like “For now I’m just gonna allow double range of an attack” then proceeds to multiply the attack range by 2 :smiley:

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This is working as intended and has been this way since the katana was introduced. If you use the special attack as the 4th attack in a combo chain (light/heavy or mix of heavy and light swings) you get max damage from it. But, you have to be really good at it to pull it off in combat. One can block it with a shield and one can roll underneath it. For newbs whom haven’t faced a katana, getting one shot from it may be surprising. But, that is the katana. People, until recently, have been underrating it for a long time. In my book, it is the best weapon in the game when used by a competent pvp’r, But, there is a huge cost in stamina to that fourth dash. And, it is challenging to manage it as you can only try so many before you are very vulnerable.


Count me in on this one! I still have 0 skills in katana and great axe (2h)! The funny part is that great axe should interest me, it is far from my favorite gaming weapons from “Vagrand story”, but this game has a way to make you repeat your self and try nothing new! As for the noob and pro, I will say once more that this does not exist, in my personal experience I find pros that still don’t know a lot and noobs that teach me new things! Thank you for giving your lights about this beautiful weapon fellow exile @Debacle!

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