Katana power charge issue

The katana power charge is bugged, you do not have to wait until the blade dot signal (something like 3 seconds). Look at the katana power charge curve, the charge is full after only 1 second, that’s why a quick charge does almost same damage as a full charge:

Yeah I agree katanas need a lot of love and polish to be viable in game.

Also, it seems that if you use the charge attack as the 3rd or 4th atack in a combo, it deals tripple/quadruple damage. I often use 3 light atacks to deal around 25% of an enemies health, then use an instantly cast charge attack as the 4th hit in combo to often just straight out kill them.

will say though, that I’m hoping that this is intended as using a charge attack to this effect is pretty potent in PvE, but in PvP you dont often get the chance to get to a 4th hit combo as the other player has moved round etc so this seems a more viable PvE stratergy.

I tested katana with Practical Things mod that show you damage information.

For this test I used Flawless katana and no attribute points

Heavy attack full charge not in a chain combo:

Here you can see evey light attack combo damage, the last hit deal more damage as the heavy full charge one:

Finaly, the heavy attack full charge after 3 light attacks in a combo chain, heavy attack inflict 3 hits:


Well done with the bug testing and dev kit dives as always Alex.

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I can’t seem to find that mod. Searched in and out of steam for it. Is this a public mod or private one you built yourself? Maybe it is not a PC mod? Only mod I saw in steam with floating damage numbers was outdated and non-functional. This would be very useful in training myself how best to stack my attacks on bosses. NPCs all die pretty fast, but bosses give me time to really experiment with combos and weapon types.

here : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1549829398


Thank you for that link. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why it will not show up in search results through the workshop. I type in the name, I type in the mod ID, I search on “damage” and nothing brings it up. It is almost like Steam is trying to hide it. But then again, I’m probably just doing something really dumb.

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