Nerf and deep dive

So I was reviewing topics and notice one about horse combat and how it’s unfair and I remember that i agreed with the nerf of the horses but disagree with the nerf with katanas and so I started some self relfection.

It ended up that horses are different in that you can one-shot someone before you even render in on their screen and that is a huge problem but then I started going deeper in why one shotting is a thing and came to a conclusion

The issue is that the perks and bonuses provide too much to the players and a min maxer that knows the system will exploit it all to get massive damage potential much to the chagrin of all other players…so what i think could be done to stop this root issue is create a damage system very similar to the armor system…where damage is limited in real effects as you go higher and higher. A progressive system that lessens the rewards of higher damage as the damage potential increases to a prescribed limit so that way no one goes over the top and min-maxers have to make decisions on if the gain is great enough.


Last perk in grit. You can’t be one shot while having it. Nothing can’t hit you for more than 25% of your hp with a single hit. But a cavalry charge SHOULD one shot you. Just tweak the aiming and the speed while doing it.
But overal, your post was very well though. Needs consideration, IMO.

Horse combat is a joke allrdy, you really wanna nerf it even more?

You should have a massive advantage when you sit on a horse and the enemy doesnt, thats not even really the case anymore and its very easy to win a 1on1 vs someone on a horse


I agree, Shock cavalry did exist for a reason

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They just should make it so it would take real skill to pull it off. Stamina drain and difficult aiming could be options. But I doubt funcom revisits mounts anytime soon.

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Esse assunto me interessa também pois a algum tempo o conan estava meio quebrado por poder usar muitos BUFFs ao mesmo tempo. Lembrando que o cavalo sempre foi fora do normal porém era sim muito quebrado no pvp do servidor oficial

@Funcom_Community poderia ter no conan uma forma que usar o escudo “pequeno” quando está usando uma hasta assim como nos jogos de “justa”

Então se de uma certa forma a Funcom incluir um escudo quando estamos em um cavalo ao mesmo tempo que estamos equipados com uma lança já seria ótimo…
Resumindo o NERF que a Hasta sofreu foi muito forte sim o bom que todos agora tem que fazer a maioria do PVP no chão eu gostei do nerf por não haver um escudo porém a funcom poderia tentar adicionar um escudo equipado na mão de nosso personagem ao mesmo tempo em que estamos usando uma hasta e não podendo usar o escudo junto de uma lança pois a hasta fica fixa apontando na maioria das vezes para a frente e também poderia adicionar uma bandeira para poder fixar em todas as selas assim poderiamos fazer um bom uso da maioria das bandeiras que já existem dentro do jogo em nossa montaria. As bandeiras das selas de cavalos deveriam tem um espaço para serem adicionados essa bandeira sem DLC somente atualizar as selas para essa melhoria. Agora falando dos BUFFs foi ruim o nerf para o pvp porém após jogar o sorcery entendi que foi justo para não quebrar mais o jogo e tentar igualar a maioria dos jogadores isso foi uma boa ideia que a Funcom fez sei que não é para muitos pois a grande maioria PVP sempre ficava dependendo dos buffs e dos Tralls para se manter em um servidor por isso que gostei da grande maioria dos ajustes. Está ótimo as deixo a minha ideia para que as vezes a funcom faça essa atualização dos escudos e das selas com bandeiras sendo uma forma opcional sendo aplicado em todas as selas existentes do conan.

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Mounted combat came with advantages and disadvantages. This game does not explore all of them for positive or negative.

No I’m just pointing out that i had different views between horse nerfing and katana nerfing when in actuality, they were very similar.

What I’m saying is that unregulated damage increases is why nerfing is needed and this needs to be controlled in the same manner as damage reduction in armor (with an equation that limits exponentially as you increase your damage potential).

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Uff well tbf the tool is there, you can use the grit perk if you feel you get to much dmg.

And wasnt the Katana “nerf” only bugfix?

Much like the “bug fix” on the horse. I don’t buy that coding accidentally multiplies damages only in some weapons or combinations and not others. They were programmed in so there was a design purpose for it. The company can change their mind or just say ‘oops we didn’t think of it getting exploited in this way’ but this trying to sell that this multiplier just accidentally got activated and for well over a year of people talking about how over the top the weapon/combo is, it’s now found?..BS. Great big giant heeps of PR BS.


I suggested something similar quite some time ago, apart from implementation difficulties and unforeseen outliers, i personally think it’d solve some issues:

I still think it’d also save time in the future, having to not need to excessively nerf AS much. Won’t ever get rid of imbalances in the combat system whatwith the many factors such as animations, hitboxes, stagger, DPS vs. Spike Damage, debuffs etc.
Yet again, i pretty much pulled the numbers there out my ass. I don’t really bother with min/maxing and the maths around it myself.
Edit: typo

But if the problem with both katana and lance (and I think some charging NPCs) is that they deal damage in multiple instances, wouldn’t that effectively bypass the Grit perk?
And of course, everyone in PvP plays with 0 Grit.

It was a bugfix because it did multiple hits on you during the dash attack. This was fixed.

Also the Katana doing multiple hits resulted in you dying with 20 Grit anyways, because multiple hits.

Same with drawbridges. They had 200k HP for over 4 years.

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My English are limited, so this topic is a bit confusing for me!
Reading the other posts didn’t help a lot, but I believe knowing you all these years you don’t seek for a nerf fight, am I wrong?
I remember when I started the game I was witnessing incorrect things when it comes to damage! For a time I was convinced that critical hit exist to the game and some times I still get this feeling! You know that I enjoy doing fights alone, so when I go to a lacerta boss, I get a hit (charge with teeth) and I gain 30% of my hp damage and until the fight ends sometimes this hit can take 70% this bug gives me the impression of critical hit! I am not sure if this damage goes up and down because of where I accepted the hit (front or rear) but surely the damage we receive is a bit confusing still!
When I was still playing PvP, never ever a mounted hit one shot me, never! I listen a lot of times PvP builds without grit…
This makes you extremely vulnerable! Every time I play without grit I accept huge damage. So PvP players sacrifice the grit for more effectiveness and at the end blame funcom for their upgrades on weapons! It’s a never ending cycle! Like @SirDaveWolf said in another post of you nerf something something else is buffed!
So this conversation will never end!

It was not. Devkit analysis done by a several individuals concluded that the multiple hits was an intended design. It wasn’t a matter of a wrong value put in, a node connected where it shouldn’t be, or even some shoddy coding. There has also been several updates that affected the dash combo, including a change in how it was performed. If the combo was unintended, it would have been glaringly obvious to the developers during those updates that it should have been addressed. They made active decisions not to.

It was a deliberate method and required the player to do consistent actions to achieve, it was not an accident.

The change to Katana was likewise a deliberate nerf.

The difference between Katana and Lances is the Lance WAS bugged. The multi-hit portion could not be reproduced reliably and was likely the result of server lag affecting the hit detection. One of the complaints with the Lance fix is they fixed the bug and reduced the damage together. It could be argued that they should have seen the affects of the bug fix before deciding to reduce damage.

Another complaint about the special dash attack for Katana is that it does less damage than a easier to perform combo. Which effectively makes it a waste of time and waste of code. There is zero reason to do a dash combo attack. It results in less damage than any other action taken.

But its for these reasons many regard (rightfully so) these changes as knee-jerk reactions.


You are not. I want to stop the nerfing of everything by making it impossible to one shot…much like it’s impossible to get 100% damage reduction. They did that by having armor and using a limits equation where it can never reach 100%. I am suggesting we do the same thing with damage and therefore making it impossible to one shot with any sort of build or effect stacking


I am with you on this one, but you have to understand that in some points, it’s on players who do not wish to change playstyle and not on devs who is pushing for this all these years. I remember reading that with full corruption stamina is not enough, you are vulnerable, etc… Bullsh1t, great Bullsh1t! There is a reason they allowed you to have a hammer! Try this buiild and the hammer and you will understand what I am talking about!

One thing before I close… The first hammer heavy… Counters literally all the weapons and stop all the combos… Try it!

You will only hit bots with a hammer heavy lol.

To believe corrupted builds are viable is delusional, go on dogs of desert play a corrupted build against people that actually know how to fight and see your results.