Why do horses still 1 shot with lance? :/

pls nerf lance!!

edit: lmao who flagged this post to make it hidden :yawning_face: the children on this forum.

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Were you in a build that could withstand damage? Buffs? Rolled? Dodged?

Just curious :slight_smile:

Also it’s usually not “one shot” The horse hits you and the lance hits you… that’s two.

Although unless you were naked, at level 30, and hadn’t spent many points on vitality or something that probably shouldn’t have killed you.

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Not when the horses are riding past each other and the only thing connecting is the lance to the other player lol.


I was 50 str, 50 vit, 20 agility, 20 grit, 20 encum. I was wearing Aspect of the demon, serpent boots/gloves. Black corsair pants/chest

other guy was in Wolf helmet, redeem legion chest, redeem gloves, yamatai boots/pants.

Probably need to edit this to say im the one 1 shotting the guy in his full heavy kit.

1300 armour 82-83% dmg reduction and hes getting 1 shot lmao.


Ya should have opened with you being the lancer and he being the lanced XD

Heavy armor won’t save you in most PVP situations though? Do you think he was in PVP spec? That could heavily influence it. Did he have full health? Lances are meant to punch hard and many don’t know how to properly use it.

Hard to say that it warrants a nerf…

Funcom’s answer is:

“This is intended.”

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Lances has always been a bane since there is no appropriate counter for horses outside of just avoidance…arrows, pikes, two handed swords…all normal RW counters to horses and nothing. Heck I would love to simply see palisades do even 2X damage on horses…or maybe 4X fall damage for them. For now, there is no counter and really no disadvantage outside of manueverability and even that isn’t too bad depending on saddle. Just avoid them because that is the apparent idea that FC wants to settle into the playerbase.

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Because an eight foot long pointed stick being driven into your face by a thousand pounds of raw muscle traveling at thirty miles per hour should hurt like a mother______. :neutral_face:


Oh, horse to horse combat?

Hmm, even then I think the horse does damage to both the player and the other horse. The lance will damage whatever it touches - if both then both (horse and rider). So yeah, even then, it’s potentially two hits on you and two hits on your horse.


nerf it nerf it nerf it!!! Nerf the entire game - or I’m not playing ever again! :smiley:

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So should the horse then. Die immediatly when it runs into my spear

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I dismounted a fully armoured rider the other day while farming naked with nothing but a sickle and a legendary maul. He clipped me with his lance for half my life bar and it was out in the open, so I knew I was a goner.

I decided to stand my ground, and hit him and the horse with a single heavy shot from the hammer when he came back around. As I died I saw him thrown from his horse. It made me wonder if I’d have actually been able to defeat him if I’d been properly armoured and buffed, and if so, maybe horses aren’t as uncounterable on foot as people say.


Hammers are pretty good against horses if you can land a few shots or one lucky shot when he’s low stam. That being said the “meta” is lance on horse and daggers on ground for good reason. They are both overpowered and yes a lance can one shot someone. Obviously some factors like horse stats and player stats play a role but it’s the lance that deals the blow. Horse pvp was much more “skilled” when lances weren’t a thing.

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If a lance was a little harder to use and horse stamina cost doubled when pulled out, I consider it pretty balanced. because it makes the driver more vulnerable to being knocked off.

I don’t think its realistic to nerf its damage:

Because this is the reality

Realism over balance again. Great…

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I am glad I have my realism with my strength enhancing war paint, fish buff, god flesh, non spooked bucking horse that can be trained in several hours not years, and aloe potions consisting of gold, silver, ichior and aloe vera that somehow aren’t toxic to drink but actually heal me.

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Ya I’m sorry haha
But I think its not that hard to balance

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And striking a horse with a sharp steel blade across the legs ahould cripple the horse permanantly…point?


Yeah, no offense. I generally dislike when people want games to be like real life. Those are not games then, those are simulators.

But your first suggestion could work. This will disallow players to run around charging with lance all the time. And gives more focus on stamina management.


Very understandable, I have this too sometimes.
After all fun counts heavier than realism in my book :+1:t2:


The counter to horses is blunt arrows. Use them to dismount the rider

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