Why do horses still 1 shot with lance? :/

When there’s a server lull I like to drill with NPCs. Ride around any archer emplacements, for example, the Three Towers in Nordville. The shorter, manned towers can help demonstrate exactly how easy it is to unseat a rider.

Yamatai Britches and Boots probably mean you caught him in a “harvesting” or “all purpose” spec, in which case, you bloody should be able to one-shot 'im.

Especially this. Keep a couple on your hotbar for the “just in case” scenario.

Nice detail.

Heh, I dunno. The last game I played that I thought actually deserved to be called a simulation was a fully working and articulated virtual reconstruction of the Chernobyl power plant control room.

I can’t really think of anything in CE that fits that tag. - Action and Adventure seems to fit CE from among those tags.

Yeah, except for the fact that those “simulators” are in fact games. Just because you don’t prefer them does not mean other people do no. So your opinion is no more, or less, valid than theirs.

You don’t like realism over “fun”. Guess what, other people find the more realistic side of things to be more “fun”. I’m not claiming that either side is right, just pointing out that your argument is really invalid as it is all a matter of perspective. From your perspective it is very valid, but from another perspective it is just as invalid as the opinion you are dismissing.


Yeah the tag is pretty poorly chosen. The game is very far from Microsoft Flight Simulator or Farming Simulator 20XX.

Flying Rocknoses do not exist in real life, so you can’t simulate that :slight_smile:

The Rhino’s death physics. Yep, such simulation. And the boobs. I guess they had plastic surgery in the age of Conan the Barbarian :thinking:

And why should an ancient pike made out of steel be stronger than a star metal one? Oh wait, we don’t have star metal irl.

I could go on.

Or maybe we have :sweat_smile:

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