Lance And Mounted Combat

Since the Lance and Mount update the use of horses have dropped 80%.Your stamina just drains so drastically when hit at least nerf the drain percentage by 15% of what it is now.Also lances do nearly not enough after the update the animation and stamina has been implemented but this makes the lance do roughly around 80 Damage which is 1 great axe swing in a strength build or 1 great sword hit in a strength build.With the lance you actually have to aim and be accurate to deal damage unlink with those weapons that have a wide sweep if you lung with them.

I think in my personal opinion these should be the fixes

●Lance damage change from 20>100 to make any build viable to use the lance. In an Agility build youll do 100 per hit and strength will do 200 which is nothing compared to the 700-800 health builds that are all through PvP this change would make them into a danager agian but wouldn’t be to over powerd since the stamina drain if you get hit is ramped up

â—ŹStamina Drain When hit Nerfed slightly.Right now if i get hit twice with a greatsword i get knocked of my horse I would implement a slight nerf thatll take 3 hits to knock someone off.Just a Slight Nerf nothing to extreme.

And then your horse gets two shot and dies

What happened to mount combat is there was a bug allowing multiple hits. While I could see this in a video, I was unable to replicate it on the servers I played on or in singleplayer. I assume there was a server issue that caused this bug.

Bug was fixed, but FC also listened to the vocal part of the forum and nerfed everything. The community got what it wanted.

I had suggested that two things be done and two things only. That the bug be fixed. And that horse stamina be depleted by the rider attacking (rather than being able to attack indefinitely). The community would not listen. They didn’t want bugs fixed. They wanted the whole thing nerfed.

They got what they wanted.

If mounted combat was something that I intended to use, I may have considered posting the forum handles of everyone blindly calling for nerfs here so everyone could see who is responsible and thank them accordingly.

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So if I understand correctly:

  1. Feature is considered OP by PvPers.
  2. PvPers demand the feature to be nerfed.
  3. Funcom nerfs feature so badly that it becomes useless for everyone.

I think I’ve read this exactly same story before sometimes. Maybe more than once. So do not color me surprised.


• the ability to 1 shot at the very least 2 shot another player (even naked on a horse) who has went through all the steps to make a good gear set and have all the other essentials to be ready to fight. Seems a bit overpowered to me.
• pvpers (although some louder than others) asked for the lance to be nerfed (aka balanced). Seems reasonable to me I mean who would want an unbalanced combat experience.
•FC only knows how to nerf things to the dirt. It was a very easy fix. Reduce the multiple hits from a lance (similar to katana) but don’t make it completely useless. Or just shelf the weapon all together until fixed. Instead we get horses that have 600-1200 health that get killed almost immediately after the player gets hits twice (sometimes once)

You read correctly but you’re jaded by your fellow forum users that don’t have to deal with half the issues pvpers do.

Here’s a lesson for you and everyone else who continues to blame pvp.

• Funcom makes the changes not us.

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Geee now you’re flagging jokes? Get a grip dudes!


On behalf of you freaking whiners that simply don’t want to go out of your comfort zone. It’s the meta and the meta alone. Anything that introduces some variety to poke, roll or whatever the efe you’re using now, needs to be nerfed. You know very well funcom’s way of “balance”, because it happens every time, and I suspect that’s EXACTLY what you hope for. Then you rationalize away all the efing nerfs we have to endure because of the toxic pvp community that is unable to change, no matter what.
We grow tired.

I would imagine you do not especially still talking about the arena champion 5 years later.

Wtf are you even talking about? Is it because of that topic where a few people wanted the AC nerfed, where you were barely able to make sense, babling nonsense instead?

How many topics do you see regularly of pve folks asking for nerfs? Because when compared to those of pvpers whinning about everything under the sun that doesn’t fit either their playstyle or mentality, they are practically non existent.

I’m not to surprised ppl flag you

I don’t think any build should fit a horse. Only with heavy armor. Otherwise it’s not needed anywhere at all. And in general I never thought horses were too strong. I think their nerve was undeserved. Any experienced player wouldn’t fall under the lance.

I couldn’t care less about people flagging me. I do care about what toxic players that are always complaining end up causing.
According to these same types, the pvp community is said to be dying for years! It’s one terrible thing after another! Can’t it just die already? You guys bring your problems upon yourselves and don’t seem to learn with it.

the pvp games are fadded to become pillow fighter sumilators, even the wwii game i was playing recieved a lot of nerfs to make the “skillied” players that dont like to die one shot happy. Now a guy being machine gunned have time to walk as if nothing was happening take his rifle aim and shot back pff. I gave up to argue with nerfers, sad that horses are useless now, even in pve.


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