Bow still can 1-2 shot, Horses can still 1 shot. and it needs patched with more broken pvp

Hey all Please Read the EDIT as well… (Original Post) So I have learned of the new meta being cat pet followers and or archers or cripple thralls with the horse strength stated and such… and people running purely 50 strength plus armour and buffs. And using the drink that gives berserker rage for a moment. It can cause you to 1 shot any player on foot or on horse with a spear if they’re in light… and if they’re not wearing light armour a Lance will 1 shot anyone and it is usually pretty easy to aim it in a big fight situation especially the knock down and jump turns the horses have available. @Mayra @Dana @Community We have agreed in the past and moved to make combat more viable for all builds and etc and we moved to stop the one shot nonsense but it has returned in a wierd way. Yes there are certain measures to counter it but it takes sooo much that it shouldn’t be as powerful as it is. In my opinion I think this wasn’t intended since The devs said they wanted horses to be viable but not 1 shot people… we are also facing that same thing with a bow as well… for some reason or some how people have found a way to 1 to 2 tap people in medium to heavy Armour again… no counter play to be had really between the two… and there is the Claws and dagger issue… but now people have found out a way to add poison to claws and a weapon mod kit… which stacks poison the same way as daggers… 2 at a time. … please take the time to read this and look into it for the better play and fun gameplay of the pvp community… might be hard to read since I am typing this while working and I am busy doing other things atm but just wanted to add this to discussions

EDIT: Claws have been fixed in 2.5, The bow and the horse and lance have not. the Damage output on the bow is not comparable to melee weapons in the game and giving them knock down and hyper armor on heavy shots makes them force a trade which a melee weapon user will Lose almost every-time. Please fix this the bow and lance + horse they do WAY Too much damage for the current Combat system… this isn’t even mentioning thralls using cripple weapons and throwing axes while the bows 1-2 tap people depending on armor type and the lance 1-2 taps people as well… Video Link to some of the Little bits of the broken PvP down below, Keep in mind i am not a pro at using this horse or lance and def not good at the Bow unless i spam lock on with it and walk around hitting you… the point being, people on KBM will be able to train this and be alot more versatile with it enabling the fact that the weapon can 2 tap people… will just make this game a wanna be rust or Call of duty survival game where Melee is just irrelevant in this game, which is what the game was molded to be mostly with archer support role and as a raid weapon. keep in mind in the below videos some of them arent fully kitted in Accuracy armour and or build but the bow still does that kind of damage output. even without the meta bow or arrows you can still have more damage output from a Bow than any other melee weapon in the game and have the hyper armor to force a trade and you get a free knock down and possible cripple, the bow also at a certain range can hit through a shield so it makes them useless and if you aim for legs you can hit through or past the shield too… Also side note, Please Fix the First person Glitch that allows a 360 attack and sprint movements glitch please, I have sent ya’ll the way its done and would love to hear about it being removed before 2.5 comes out. Since all it takes is a macro to doom the game’s combat with it

My Video: Broken PvP Lance and Bow, Conan exiles pvp - YouTube
Video 1: Conan Exile PVP #10. Night Phoenix - YouTube
Video 2: Conan exiles Archer PVP #2 - YouTube
Video 3: Conan exiles Archer PVP #3 - YouTube


Here we go again with the calls for more arbitrary nerfs. No, horses have already been nerfed significantly from:

Honestly, how much lower can they go here!? Do we have to actually make horseback fighters weaker than people on foot, thus discarding any semblance of realism, and make a chunk of content which Funcom spent over a year reverse engineering the map to deliver to us, utterly useless just to stop people howling for nerfs?? No, horses do not require further nerfs, they have been nerfed enough. You said it best yourself:


And this surprises you, why? Nerf a meta, get a new meta. They just will not be able to please ALL of the people ALL of the time. . . fact. PVP will always be “broken” for some people who fail to adapt.
If you want a traditional sword and board hack roll and slash game, I do not think this is it.


I agree !
There’s a guy on our server who take 5-8 seconds to kill 8kHP thralls … and also one tap everyone :confused:

See. Now the reason we are talking about the horses now is because the devs already decided to go in the direction to make foot pvp viable. With this meta… it makes them not viable… again… just to rephrase it… if 4 shooting with a Bow is not fun and has no counter play… 1 shooting someone with a horse is even more unfair and not fun

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Well… again. These counter measures are only useful with a max clan with maxed thralls and etc… there should be a counter to this player vs player wise… not thralls. It might be just the drinks that give berserk but dude… its just not fun to be 1 shot etc. This is a missed patch from the 2.4 update… just like Ambrosia being a heal in 2.3 it got fixed next patch they already. Said they don’t want 1 shot horses and they want a skilled player to be able to kill many other unskilled players… these are the problems with pvp that prevent that. Again the Lance is a missed fix just like the heal changes and Ambrosia was a missed fix… so yeah… those.damage multipliers ARENT the Lance it is just with the other weapons… the Lance was missed in these damage changes

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I use the berserker potion and it gives -
+20 Strength temporarily (lasts 15 seconds)
+400 Armor temporarily (lasts 15 seconds)
Enrage, restricts healing (lasts 15 seconds)
Enrage regeneration, increased Stamina regeneration (lasts 15 seconds)
Unrelenting, cannot be crippled (lasts 15 seconds)
Crippled Rage, minor cripple following the expiration of Unrelenting (lasts 6 seconds)
Drunk x3, which grants +3 Vitality for one hour in one drink. A second consecutive drink will grant +3 Strength for one hour and Alcohol Poisoning.
The priestess that makes it spawns in New Asgarth - Anastera The Seeress

So yes it is powerful, but it has been in the game since the frozen north and Ymir.
My question is, why are more people playing PVP not using it?
Instead of asking to nerf it, try using it yourself.


There is another potion that gives that without crippling rage though and the game was changed to avoid the horse meta and they changed it without changing the Lance is my point

The Lance IS powerful also, but very unwieldy and takes much practice to use. I can do more damage from horseback faster with my axe.

and that is exactly why i would have left the horses as they were. there is always a meta. if you remove a meta, you always generate another meta and the fun starts all over again. wasted time


Wasn’t wasted time… just missed 1 thing out of the meta of the past and they probably didn’t think about it or intend for it to get the way it is

Yeah it is until you realize you just need to knock down. Jump turn and insta kill… its a common horse pvp strategy now. Not hard to hir a player that’s knocked on the floor for 5 seconds

do you really think there will be no meta after this? do you really believe in 100% balanced pvp, completely without any compulsion to fight or equip in any particular way?


It’s not about having a META . It’s about combat mechanics that kill players VERY quickly.

Currently those are:

  • 1h axe in water
  • Lances
  • Bows (if lagg doesn’t interfere)
  • Katana

Remember, you still need to farm that Epic Flawless Armor and bulked plating, buffs, warpaints (2x dragonpowder) etc.

It’s not fun losing all this stuff in an INSTANT. Nothing to do with META.

Begreift es doch endlich mal!


Ich habs begriffen, aber du scheinbar nicht

du hast jetzt alleine einige weiter "META"s aufgezählt die er bisher nicht hatte. Also was genau ändert dieser eine Punkt? Richtig, nichts. Er verschiebt nur das was verwendet wird => neue META

und das wird mit jedem neuen Inhalt und (Re)Balance passieren, also wozu dieser Aufwand?

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People complain about losing stuff to decay. This is very similar to losing equipment when dying to oneshot mechanics.

Katana ist nicht META. Kaum jemand nutzt Katana im PvP, weil das moveset einfach nur schlecht ist. Daher hat Funcom dem Ding unnötig viel Damage gegeben. Im richtigen Moment kann das Ding oneshotten. Extrem schlechtes Design.

Das Katana sollte überarbeitet werden und eine schnelle Waffe sein, ähnlich wie Dolche. Aber nicht oneshotten. Verlässlig und nicht auf gut Glück.


Ich glaube nicht das dus begriffen hast. Ich glaube sogar das du nichtmal weisst was ne Meta ist. Denn sonst hättest du nicht geschrieben und ich zitiere: “einige weitere Meta´s”.

Es ist echt traurig das man jemanden der so lange schon mit dabei ist in Conan erklären muss was eine Meta ist oder warum Funcom diesen “Aufwand” betreiben sollte, nein, ich sag sogar muss, damit ihr Spiel nicht weiter ins Nirvana abrutscht.

Aber hey wir können auch gerne weitere 4 Jahre mit der handvoll Spieler die das Spiel besitzt in unserer kleinen Bubble hocken und uns die Eier schaukeln. Vielleicht bringt uns das ja weiter. Dann müssen wir ja auch weniger Aufwand betreiben.

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alles lesen, oder lass es mich noch mal explizit für dich formulieren: entferne eine meta und es wird eine neue ihren platz einnehmen

ja so ganz ohne kontext macht meine aussage wenig sinn, aber ich habe auch nicht erwartet das einer hier reinspringt und einfach nur den letzten kommentar anschaut und dazu seinen senf abgibt. man verzeihe mir…

weltuntergangsbeschwörungen geben dem ganzen nicht wirklich mehr sinn, sorry.

darfst dir auch gerne mal die aktuellen spielerzahlen anschauen und evtl. noch mit einrechnen das es einem nicht unerheblichen teil der spieler ziemlich egal ist was aktuell die pvp meta ist, änderungen dagegen aber meistens alle betreffen. die einen weil es dann eben was anderes gibt das zur meta wird und die anderen weil es ein feature / eine waffe / ein waffentyp / eine spielmechanik ohne für sie relevanten grund zerstört. also einfach lassen. besser wirds eh nicht, es wird nur anders


Ich finde es Schade, dass die Spielerzahlen so gering sind. Dass Spiele wie Ark oder Rust mehr Spieler haben.

Deswegen muss PvP gut werden. Leute spielen Rust fürs PvP. Bei Ark bin ich mir nicht so sicher. Aber wenn wir mehr Leute von den beiden Spielen gewinnen können, ist das ein immenser Win für Funcom.

Aber Conan ist einfach ein Nischenspiel und Funcom wird es so wie sie es handhaben nie erfolgreicher gestalten können.


I think it’s a shame that the number of players is so low. That games like Ark or Rust have more players.

That’s why PvP has to be good. People play Rust for PvP. I’m not so sure about Ark. But if we can get more people out of the two games, that will be a huge win for Funcom.

But Conan is just a niche game and Funcom will never make it more successful the way they handle it.

Sure. Except they may have missed just one more thing, but after nerfing that one, the game’ll be perfect. At least until someone discovers the next meta, but after nerfing that, the game’ll be perfect. And if, for some miraculous reason, a new meta still manages to pop up, it’s easy to fix by simply nerfing it.

But I understand the reasoning behind the demands for nerfs. In truth, fixing (PvP) balance would probably require a complete paradigm shift, out of the “+1 here, -1 there” thinking, but it’s difficult to reset the way you’ve seen PvP for years and start the thought process fo balancing it from zero.