Two shot archer thralls = Impossible to make PVP

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Hello guys … you have seen allready the video about the new thrall wich one will One shot you ?
Maybe you should nerf all the thrall Funcom !

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Just try and get such Thrall… It’s like winning a Million.


Yeha … but I guess it’s possible for every thrall … I mean the thralls are allready super strong !
Now you can even level them up and be hopeful at every pvp fight that they gonna hit first to kill instant your enemy .

Hello @Kombar, thank you for sharing your concerns with us.

The new thralls will definitely be tweaked further as we take into account in-game data and player feedback.

Do note that in the shared video the thrall has a very high accuracy stat, equipment with high armor penetration and that the player intentionally didn’t use a shield.

Also, he took two shots rather than one ( took the liberty to correct the topic title to reflect this ).


I honestly don’t see a problem with this. I mean decent thralls have always been able to quickly kill people in pvp for a long time now. Realistically an archer should be able to wreck someone wether it’s a player or thrall.what should one expect when an arrow slams into a human body? A tick of health that roast haunch should quickly fix in the middle of combat? Maybe having a bow equipped should negate mobility or reduce armor stats while equipped for players though. Archers need to do serious damage not less.


Then the normal NPCs in the world should 2 shot everyone as well, including your fighter thrall or horse or whatever.

Will look fine according to your logic.

Iam talking about the thralls , before every strong thrall was using a sword or a Twohanded mace … now they can us a archer wich one can kill you super fast over a little distance …
that’s my Problem .
Acktually all the thralls are super annoying in every PVP fight !
And if the archers are getting now super strong it’s gonna kill the PVP balance .
Imagine :
You’re going to fight your enemy - both have a shield and a super strong archer thrall -
Now your both standing with the shield eating that one of this thralls make a good shot on the enemy wich is killing in 1-2 shots !
You understand ?

If you want it more realistic , then every play I hit by a 2-handed or well even by a 1 handed sword should die instantly !
Even the thralls , animals , and and and
You got what I mean ?

I’m fine with this if it forces different armor/tactics. Realistic fights with limbs and heads flying and mobs of people dying vs the old meta of spamming heals, rolling and chasing people to the ends of the map would be refreshing. We’ll see how the upcoming patch goes

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I think that such super-Thralls will be VERY rare. One who has enough luck to get such one will be King of his/her server… until some clan will get tired of this. Imagine 10 players with 10 medium-quality Thralls attacking this one.

My advice is to always wait and see what the patch brings rather than jumping to conclusions, one of the videos showed a thrall with 20k health but as yet the highest I’ve seen on the PTR is just over 10k

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Dalinisia got over 17k
Someone got a purge fighter again over 20k…

Will be nerfed or lets say it in Funcom words: balanced with a hotfix…

Just outta curiosity, has anyone tested how this plays out for 1v1 player encounters?

Reach, Acc/Strength build & DB arrows - how many shots does it take an actual player?

Is that confirmed on the rest realm? Because I seen a T4 fighter with 53 vitality that had just over 10k

Yeah… People posted such thralls from testlive.