Thralls damages for PvP players is catastrophic

Is it normal that something that killing PvP is not fixed ? Is it a know issue or is there any balancing project about that ?

And I have see more bad things with relic seekers. So you can imagine with more than one thrall…


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Yea, this update is going to demolish PvP.



Why would u go up against an archer like that? Didnt even put your shield up. And gettin 2 shot with only 200hp. That actually realistic my friend.


I didn’t know that the game with dragons and skeletons and Gods and giant spiders and magic portals and mystical healing food and ancient alien overlords and demonic corruption was



Come now, you can do better than that tired, old (and misused) “anti-realism” fallacy.


Hey, I’m all for making us bleed out uncontrollably on the ground every time an arrow nicks an artery, and one hit kills whenever a weapon hits us in the head.

And broken limbs. And infections. Oooh, sepsis, the new damage type for CE.

This is a thread essentially about PvP balance, I’m not sure how “realism” fits into it anywhere.


Sure. As long as we can agree that it’s not the presence of stuff like dragons or skeletons that mean “realism” has little place in a balance discussion.


I was just being pedantic because I’m frustrated.


Oh but you’re okay with his bagging on ancient aliens? I thought you was woke!

You went macro, I’d go micro. Without bacteria the entire world would cease to exist, and all mammals that rely on mitochondria and other neat “captured” bacteriodes would collapse into a pile of goo not unlike delicious pancake syrup.

Two archers, one on each side of a gateway, will do beautifully to keep intruders pretty much at bay. My suggestion is to place a distinct basket or placeable at their feet so that you can know when they’re being trebbed.

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Yea, once again it shows that they dont know how to make pvp good again, and make thralls even harder is just a mystery. Feels like they wanna swap the current PvP base of players to a new base of players. Because I promise ppl dont like this :slight_smile: at all. #conanPVEexiles

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Can u survive 2 arrows to the chest?

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Can you survive one greatsword hit to your head?

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I do it all the time qhen my son hits me with his nerf one


Ahh, so you’re trolling. Sorry, for a second I thought you actually meant it haha.

Carry on.

half and half lol

Thralls are more stronger than players. And if you are against 20 thralls like this, who can do something ? Superman ? Actualy, Treasures seekers thrall one shoot player with 2H weapon no matter the stuff you have. And as thralls always follow players and teleport themselves, PvP players always facing thralls that instant appear in front of them and one shoot them before they can do something… Where is the gameplay in that ?
I don’t understand how it’s possible to kill PvP like that. If it’s intended by Funcom so ok, players base will change.

And if it’s normal to be killed in one hit by two hand weapon, why players can’t kill thralls in one hit also? Thralls that have 8000 HP and need 15 min to be killed like a boss. That is nonsense.

Funcom can make work Minion Damage parameter, for private server. Like this, servers who want to play PvE against Thralls can do it, and servers who want PvP can reduce thralls damages.


Imagine setting up a treb 500 meters from someones base, and bring with you 4 archers. Gonna be hell to take down that treb

Tired to imagine things… :sweat_smile:

Like always. Love your responses.

Side question…

do we know if say a wolf (no owner) that spawns in the highlands will be level 1? Or will random npcs we encounter in the wild have RNG’d levels / stats?

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That is a great question, one I hadn’t considered. I’ll look into it later, I’m sure @Multigun would know if there’s a table out there somewhere dealing with this. Anecdotally I can say the non-elite crocs I fight almost 4x per hour in a 12-pack are pretty much all the same value. (I won’t risk my precious Taffy to the wolves just yet, because she’ll lope from North Dakota to get into a fight unless I corral her.)

I’ve tested this with a very long trebuchet shot, demonfire barrage. If I hit an enemy camp, my thralls and horses will run down the beach to try and get to the place I attacked. The inference is their offensive range has been enormously increased.

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