Animation cancel changes are bad

Sure the offhand one needing to be fixed because of people using scripts but there was nothing wrong with cancelling by putting your weapon away.

makes the game feel so bad and it removes skill from the game. Can’t even react to anything in the game because your forcing players to be stuck in stupid animations.

I honestly didnt think you could make pvp worse but i stand corrected.


I agree. The design of the combat system is a bit odd, and fundamentally messed up. Animation cancelling has been a much needed way of mitigating a fundamentally flawed system. I understand that it has ended up being abused in pvp (what isn’t abused in pvp??), but I fear the solution in this case may be worse than the problem.


hmm. so you wind up a huge heavy swing with a 50kg warhammer, then when you realize your enemy out maneuvered you and is about to impale you with their pike, you instantly stop that massive swing so you can safely evade? I think inertia should have a little more say in the matter. Seems like this is the right change to make.


good thing the weapons aren’t that heavy in this video game

i get tired of reading people using realism to justify terrible changes funcom makes in a fantasy video game


nobody uses that weapon because you can craft lighter versions that do more dmg and use less stamina.



Was waiting for these types of threads. So you want them to stop animation cancelling that you don’t like, but keep the ones that you do. Yup, see nothing wrong there.

I know I’m going to get mauled for my opinion, so I’m just going to reply the one time.

Animation cancelling is not an intended feature, it never has been. It’s an unintended exploit that makes it difficult (likely impossible) to correctly create new systems and balance weapons because of it’s existence. As a designer, I hate it (putting it nicely).

Looking forward to the full vision over the next few patches as I highly doubt it’s a one-off change and I’m certain they have other ideas in mind besides trying to balance around an exploit.


And by Animation Cancelling, I mean the obvious exploiting that players are using.

There are actually intentional ways to “animation cancel” in the montage blueprints. One being dodge, and the other being move. They both have specific windows in which they can be initiated during the animation that were put there specifically to give players an out when using attacks. THOSE can be balanced, the exploitive ways that were NOT intended cannot.


I like both types of animation cancelling and used both. I can just see how the rope/throwingaxe/torch offhand 1 is bad because some people make scripts and macros for it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with cancelling animations by putting your axe/spear/2hand sword or ANY weapon away and putting it back out.

But you are right about reality and video games. The game would be scrapped if it tried to keep everything realistic. But there are times that it helps to achieve some amount of logic or realism in the game. There are a few video games I’ve tried to play, where the fight combos where always just lightning fast blurs or motion that ignored any hint of the laws of physics and it was a complete turn off for me.

In conan, the one thing that just seems comically silly is the great bouncy ball arrows we shoot (perk). ABout as much immersion breaking in the game as you can get. I know there are ragdoll bugs that look really bad, or thralls being swallowed by the ground… T-poses, etc. But those are bugs, where the bouncy ball arrows are actually intentional for some reason. WHy on earth? Like did anyone ever once ask for them in this game?

Sorry, that was a bit off topic.

Bottom line, I think the change is good. I don’t think there are any other games I play that allow you to insta-cancel actions after initiated, so it doesn’t bother me here to block that semi-exploit.


yeah i get it. it just makes combat even more clunky in conan. i messed around on the test live for a few hours with it. :frowning:

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How? Since when spamming a single button is a skill? I hate animation cancelling, I hated that you can equip your weapon in a fragment of a second, I hate the shieldblock + first attack combo spam, I hate the people who are using them and saying it’s a skill. No, it is NOT. It’s the opposite, it requires literally NO skill to do it.
Cheap, cowardy “tactic”.

Sure, when it comes to live I’m gonna die more and I’m gonna be like "f*** this s**t, but still lightyears better than just sitting there bored and spamming A button. I’m gonna get used to it and (have to) become better at fighting.

Sorry but that was the first topic I was reading today and it just got my blood pressure a bit higher than usual (maybe because I wholeheartedly hated this thing from the beginning, and now people are saying it is a bad thing to remove it).


If the animations are stupid, then why bother even coding them? I mean I should just have weapon highlighted and damage is done. Better yet why even have them show in my hand?

It is called immersion. Balancing that with mechanics is what sets each game a part. Other wise we would just have calc sheets and see whi hits button faster to get in hits

Animation canceling has it’s place. The problem is people abusing it to increase their damage or whatever. Particularly when they use scripts and macros to do it.

Thing is I’m not sure that there’s a way to have one without the other.

every pvp game has animation cancel.
It’s a feature that adds skillplay to the game (Lol´s Riven for example)

The new PvP will be clunky as F.
Funcom said “in this patch veteran PvPlayers will have more chances against groups of newbies and etc” But it won’t happen since you can spam right click with one handed sword till the end to impose a threat to everyone else.
Veteran players won’t have a way to cancel their missed attacks, you can’t rely on dodge rolls because they are finite. In the past, you could make a lot of dodge rolls, so the poke n roll meta was possible and dominating. Not to mention the healing changes… with the new nerfs to healing, any noob can hit you once or twice and all you can do is run to save your life.

We are going to have a new clunky pvp meta.
and I still go ahead. Horse + the new Poison spear (zath’s) will dominate the pvp.
You can out maneuver, out range any melee player, because they can’t cancel animations. So, you just need to poke them with this new spear until they run out of Set antidote.

Just to add. I have 8.000 gameplay, playing since beta and i witnessed all the metas Funcom created. They’ve been close to creating something balanced, but they end up missing in one detail or another.

I’m going to record some video footage from my clan training on this new Patch.

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it’s not every pvp game
IMO animation cancel is a glitch/exploit


But I (and I think I’m not the only one) still don’t understand why spamming the first attack while holding the shield and the animation cancelling is a skill/requires skill. If you missed your attack, that’s your fault, and those have consequences.

Poke 'n roll is…still (was) not a skill because left click alt left click alt is… I wouldn’t call it a skill either but at least you have to time it right to not get stabbed in the balls while rolling.


What is this? Now, it is even more skill based. You missed that first heavy poke with the spear? Too bad, your enemy hit you head on with his hammer.



It’s. Maybe you won’t understand what i’m saying, but with the actual combat system it’s possible to make quick changes, repositioning, zoning, pressure the enemy.
For example. I can cancel anim to get closet to an enemy using axe + throwing axe. If he rolls, i can still put a pressure on him by hitting shift shift + hit (Dash cancelling). Then i hit the enemy, he tries to run away. I can quick switch to throwing axe to finish him.
There are really much skill to do what i’m saying. Even if you use macro you need skill to make these quick decisions.

With this new 2.4 patch nothing of this Will be possible. Pvp Will turn into poke, Dodge and run. Because you won’t be able to do most of the things i related.
Imagine a situation: i’m a veteran player going against 2 well equipped noobs. I run into them with my axe for example. Both of them start to spam right clicks with one handed sword.
There’s nothing i can do against them.
There is no skill envolved.
I can’t change my weapons, i can’t even cancel attacks during most of the animation time, i can’t heal without being cripple by the animation.
The best i can do is to spec a lot of grit and when being hit, run like crazy to find a place to heal myself.
Believe me, the 2.4 combat is lame and goes against what funcom said “2.4 will give more reward to seasoned pvplayers, because they are going to win solo against groups of newbie players”. Not this words exactly, but they said something like this.

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funcom doesn’t have a good history on balacing things.
From perks to specific weapons to horses. The balance was never done properly.

A good game design is one that most of the designed playstyles are playable options/strategies.
Conan exiles Always had one meta.

From the allmighty spear from the past, the buggy jhebbal claw, the acc 40 perk and overpowered bows, the horses with light saddle + spear or lance…
Yog’s touch, a weapon that goes against the design. (All axes had 0 penetration besides the dominator, and hyper armor on most of their anim montages) and they put an axe with 40% armor pen and something like 13% drop rate. It was obvious that it would turn into meta.
Red mother’s reach is another example. Hollow bone arrows and the list goes on.

They gave us the horses and mounted combat. It was imba since the release and then they made it possible for a thrall to follow you while vou are mounted. Things got more imba than Before. Even the pve side of the game got very very easy. I remember the days of beta when i was afraid to go to the mounds of dead because of the wraiths… Or afraid to fight rhinos because it was very challenging.

Besides this, they created 3 types of saddle, but only one is useful and dominant for every playstyle… While the other two are suboptimal. There are no real pros and cons about the saddle types.

My feeling was Always that they don’t play their own game.
When there was the food buff stacking bug for thralls, i’ve fixed this on devkit for a friend’s Server in 5 to 10 min. Funcom team is obviously better than i am on this… Why did they let this bug living for monthes after being reported?
It tooks more than 2 monthes to fix ir after the well know conan exiles youtubers made videos showing the bug.

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What ablut this one with 0.0 weighr? Xd