POLL: Your vote about animation canceling

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Let’s see some votes on this topic. So Funcom has some overall data.

  • Animation Canceling? Good riddance.
  • Animation Canceling? Don’t care tbh.
  • Animation Canceling? It’s fun and makes the game better.

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Too vague. Does this include offhand canceling using macros or are we talking solely about sheath/unsheath hot keys?


Any form.

But you are right, should’ve made 2 options for offhand and wield/unwield.

“Don’t care tbh” + “Good riddance” > “It’s fun and makes the game better”, which means, we don’t want this exploit back.


For some PvP play, I guess tweaking the animation cancellation to make combat more fluid would be fine for me.

Overall the concept of animation cancellation seems like a broken system. For example, ESO PvE and PvP was originally unintentional, but now where you get the attack off and manage to throw another attack(s) at same time should not be possible. Since the game is so intertwined for it now, that will never go away.

I am not sure how it worked in CE to have a real opinion but if it turns what normally should be 1 attack during the same time frame into 2 or more attacks, sounds its not working as intended. Doing quick attacks, would each do less damage, then I would fine more reasonable.

Overall, I have no real opinion since it does not effect my PvE play style in either scenario. I do like the concept of seeing the weapon drawn out.

I think people need to come up better alternatives to combat which not only makes more balance / fairer and make various weapon types useful. Then hope Funcom can implement the idea if they are reasonable of course.

Animation cancellation to stop an attack and do a completely different action, dodge roll for example, may make sense to me.

Dodge roll can still cancel most animations.


I would have voted for wield/unwield to stay, but against offhand. Since there was no choice, I voted Good Riddance, sorry.

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That’s fine. I personally prefer no animation canceling at all over this macro spam as well.


On PS4 pretty much everybody only used dodge animation cancel anyway, so don’t care that much.

I’ve seen a few videos with people doing unequip/equip on console, but I don’t think I fought anyone who did it.

And for some reason people still been pvp’ing on console. So I guess it’s not the end of the world. All these “we all quit” posts after playing with the update for less than a day just seem silly to me.


Having to name and blame and call people thrash players seems like hurt feels :stuck_out_tongue:


I get that sometimes it’s necessary to cancel an attack to react quickly to things, makes sense to me. Except that’s not how cancel is used. It’s used to attack faster than animations normally allow and avoid being stationary (ish, the animation of the attack) to prevent being attacked. It’s gaming mechanics to gain an advantage in an unrealistic way with the game world/setting. I’d be okay with animation canceling if damage was dealt only at the end of the animation. That would allow people to simulate a feint and avoid damage at the cost of not dealing any damage either and losing the time invested. Prior to 2.4 animation canceling was all gain at no cost.


wield/unwield is a good thing for pvp which should never have suffered just because devs searched for an easy way to prevent animation canceling with offhand. Those are 2 different things which should have been worked on seperatly.

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Wield and Unwield should have been left in, but changed so that if used while attacking it would drop the weapon on the ground. Thus freeing the user’s hands for other things.

Animations look smooth to me.

Yep that’s why I am running this poll. Please bring any friends who play Conan and let them vote. Would be nice to get even more people to vote.

I’ve been playing with an idea. If you have enough stamina, you should be able to cancel some of the animation or entirely.

For example, the great axe swings around and around and cannot be interrupted. You have to let off the trigger and wait as it comes to a halt. If I have the stamina, I rather interrupt it by forcefully moving away. If I don’t have the stamina, then I’m locked into the animation until it completes.

Such interrupt could trigger by moving the joystick in the opposite direction of the stance.

People trying to save a bug as a feature… good riddance.

I voted for ‘its fun and makes the game better’. For the record, I support the removal of the offhand spam, but not the removal of wield/unwield. I already provided comprehensive reasoning in a Separate thread. However the meat and potatos of it is because it helps to Singleplayers and online Solo players who dont have companions to draw aggro.

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I agree its tougher for solo players, which I believe they should add new behavior or characteristic that can be toggle on fighter thralls and pets. An aggro or taunt so the mob you are fighting focuses on your thrall/pet/

I usually use envenomed weapons or some other form of damage over time. Or did before the patch. Not sure how that works now. I’ve been without a thrall for a bit. Had a weird bug that wiped out my followers sometime in 2.3 (I believe it was mod related) and been too lazy to farm them back up.

That’s by choice, not by game settings.

I also agree with you on this. But not because of your reasoning. Wield/unwield is a game mechanic, not an exploit, and should have been left alone.

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