Animation cancel is higher dps? No

What is showcased in video is the animation cancel we talk about wanting back

As showcased it is clearly not a dps increase but take a look for yourself as the video pretty much speaks for it self

The trick showcased in this video does include the swapping as many pvp & pve players r happy is now gone

So funcom please consider to bring back what is showcased in first video - second video is fine u fixed

I decided to quote from the comments & add to the main post. Even tho I have alot of disagreements with this person in general I still think he/she made a valid point here.

Just to add abit of my own opinion on this now, I think it could be the original animation cancel without any “unique” designed animation attached to it. Just keep the Original & let it cost Stemina all good, or alternativly it could be part of a perk u anyways take in pvp.

Also;; I think alot more people needs to check out this post
The gaps left to fill with unwield+wield gone: - Conan Exiles / Feedback - Funcom Forums
It suggest alot of good ideas for what could happen in the future. I think it needs way more attention as the problem can go on & neither parts can agree & will end up being filled with unhappines. These are solid & strong suggestions. its a POLL U dont even have to read alot if u dont wish to.

Thanks for reading & watchin so far

Ps this is written from my phone, so I might do minor tweaks to the post once im infront of my pc


The ship has sailed.


If thats the attitude my brotha, then yes it has, but I think funcom did not understand the issue to its core of the abusement. I simply think we need to talk about this.

They understood it and the current situation is what it is. Adaptation is the way to go now. There would be as much of an opportunity to bring back sonic roll.


Im simply sharing my opinion,

Thanks for yours :+1::grin:

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:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :scream: :scream:

U can screenshot the post & watch the tweaks and come back in a week :+1:

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I ask in all my honesty. Have you played yet on Siptah?

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I play solo, mostly. The map is difficult for solo + the mounted clans make it hard,

I play on mountless pvp servers, tho i rly wish to try siptah but this is not in relation with this thread, i dunno why u ask

I asked because, with siptah new weapons are coming. I would have wished that Exiled Lands to have it’s own mechanics, different from Siptah. They still have things to announce in regards to travelling system, but is coming. You only had the influx of “nerfs” :stuck_out_tongue: on Exiled Lands, you have not yet got the “game changer” content that comes with Siptah.

I have not pvped a lot on Siptah, just occasional Battle Standard brawls and (as prooven in another topic today) i might be wrong but i have stopped using 2h weapons. Maybe i would consider a 2h hammer, but for me that kind of pvp is to slow. Funcom made that the player dies in seconds, then i adapt…you should to :frowning: . But as you have not seen what kind of 1 handed weapon are coming from Siptah, just wait for it.

I have not denied the OP, but that is not so valid anymore. Especially that you play solo pvp. In fact you should be happy about it, you really have a chance to pick a fight with more then one… The bugs will get fixed, this was a major change for entire combat system, things still not work as meant to be, unfortunately all of this is irrelevant once Travel System is implemented and Exiled Lands get the new gear.

(I always end up with walls of texts and mostly not readable in english, on this one i tried my best)

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The problem with canceling the animation is not that it increases your DPS, it is that they are “special movements” that gave you an advantage in PVP over someone who did not know how to perform it and that is undeniable.

I think that removing the animation canceling has been a very wise idea on Funcom’s part. As I said before, Funcom tries to “democratize” pvp, at the time that is why they nerfed the roll and introduced horses. People started to complain about the horses, but most of them did not do it because “the pvp on foot was purer” but because they could no longer dominate over new players: you cannot kill a character on horseback if you go on foot (at least if he does not want to fight he runs away and you will never catch him) and if you ride a horse the fight becomes equal: all the training of canceling animation does not work on horseback and you can kill or die with the same probability against a novice player as against one more expert. Now that animation can no longer be canceled, it no longer matters if horses are nerfed, further nerfed, or removed directly from pvp: many novice players can kill few expert players in foot combat because they no longer have their “special moves”. In fact, a player can become “good” in pvp in much less time than before, because he no longer has to train any “special moves” he just has to learn which weapons and armor are better and to move a little in combat.


Thanks for a very defined reply :+1: im sure it helps alot when funcom reads these thru rather than just a kekw comment,

I see ur point, i rly do. Anf I do agree with it i will look into the new siptah weapons too see if it will make me understand more.
But i would have to disagree w u in terms of the animation removal should make it easier for me as a solo picking fights,

I lost a great deal of utility with the removal, somthing that did benefit me alot, it allowed me to make situational choices, unpredictable strikes & moves it allow for better positioning, and a whole lot more.

Where as the current game mode is nothing more than a dull game of chess; u r in a disadvantage if u strike first no matter ur weapon choice. And people with 3k + hours knows this


I have seen countless of newcomers overcome & adapt to weapon cancelling. :grin::+1:

U can read my reply to Coty if u want a more indepth answer but thank you for your reply

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I have to actually disagree here. Many people are gonna shout at me for this but there is a massive skill gap in horse pvp. There is no way a new player is killing somebody who is good on horse. I’m not even on that top tier level and still I can kill other horse riders in less than 30 seconds unless they’re actually good aswell. Some of my clanmates can actually 1v3 other decent horse players.


unwield animation cancel was never more dps anyone that says otherwise is 100% wrong.

offhand cancel? ye that was more dps. sword spam ftw


People need to take a look at videos, they are short

Meh, I feel like this was just he beginning of a wider scope change being made to the combat animations. We will have to wait and see what is actually planned.

I’m not sure I see the reasoning here. DPS means damage per second yes? If you’re cancelling a set animation than by default you can attack again quicker than intended thus increasing your dps? Questioning the logic not looking for an argument @Foggy

you never got to attack quicker than sitting the full animation because you had to wait out the animation of pulling out the weapon again. It was pretty much the same amount of time. What doing it allowed you do was move faster than if you sat the full animation of the attack which is what most people are upset about with the removal of unwield cancel.


Fair enough :+1: I’ve done a lot of pvp and used to switch out weapons on the fly all the time like that for that reason lol. I body vaulted a while back because of a few cheating clans and have been chilling in pve, I’ll have to jump back in to see how the changes have affected my play.