Animation cancel is higher dps? No

yeah it makes pvp feel quite sluggish and clunky. Being stuck in some tedious animations while taking unnecessary damage from thrall pvp

It’s interesting to me that when I watch that the first thing I pick up on is that the final comment is that it’s not more dps than doing the full combo. Who said full combo? And dps is an interesting way to look at it. Because when I see someone do full hit damage in .1 second and actively not attacking the rest of the time intentionally while running around, it makes me think of dps meters in other games that intentionally exclude idle time. There’s more than one way to look at this. You’re doing the damage in .1 second that you’re supposed to be actively engaged in doing over Y amount of seconds while performing the attack animation regardless of whether you continue the attack or not. That’s more dps than you’re supposed to be doing: x damage/.1 vs x damage/y seconds. Trying to semantics your way out of the change is silly.


Correct, r u with or against?

I want unwield cancel back in the game

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Thanks for a clear feedback :heart:

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Not for me, i always am the one to initiate. Element of surprise and see them “clueless” without knowing what happend. Then they call for friends and start looking for me, then i Picked them up one by one , together with their horses.

I even used a greater rhino for their charge attack plus the bleed effect, not working that good now because the Path Finding is so broken.

I Do believe that we have not seen the end of combat system rework.

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I am working atm. But feel free if you know of any links or yt videos that will display or any kind of showcase the new siptah weapons?
Share em please

It is still a work in progress and things may be changing still, so i try to be subtile. I won’t name the weapon cause of spoilers. I can say though that is a ordinary weapon, one that you can easily procure with rather almost no effort. I am not getting into the “complicated” weapons, some of them are not working 100% on Siptah (Or i do not know how to activate their “abilities”).

I ask you just this.

Would you prefer a 2h weapon against a 1h weapon with same stats. Were i can tell you 100% that some 1h weapons have better stats(a lot better), better usage then a lot of 2h’ers. I say “a lot” because a 2h hammer tempts me lately to use it as a finisher. I usually use 1h maces and claws - or - 1h sword and claws in the brawls we have on the servers i play/played.

I also like archery :stuck_out_tongue: but again, if you do not “hunt” your opponent and prefer to face an entire clan :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: . Everyone with his own way of doing player vs player

Not really. Spoiler reasons, my hard earned eldarium and hours spend camping stuff on Siptah would have no value to me if i watch “how to” or " can you see how good i am at editing " videos :frowning: .

I use all weapons, but favorites being 1h axe, hammer, spear, 1h sword that order so i hope to see some, if its on testlive i might test a few myself

Testlive, live…

Just use a bladesmith when crafting the weapons. Maybe also add the proper weapon fitting. I don’t know, you can handle it for sure :slight_smile: :vulcan_salute:

Edit: As release is on the 27th this month, not much will be changing until then. :stuck_out_tongue:

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With same gear and all using cavalry spear and no regular spears? Its possible if they was using bad saddles and no use cavalry spears but with same gear…1 vs3… they might be REALLY bad

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I agree best weapons to 1vX is 1h axe, 2h sword, or maybe 2h hammer

Spear is simply a poke game & if one v X all r spear, the upper hand is def to the X and not the one, ive seen 1v2 spear games but typically by meta gear player vs not so meta gear

I’m reasonably certain that if you put three players of my skill level on horseback against a skilled PvP player, the three me’s would get trashed. Some of us really are that bad.

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This is a self defeating argument. If DPS isn’t higher, then losing it doesn’t matter.

I would use unwield/wield to cover up any mistakes I would make using a weapon, that was the reason many are citing here. That was an exploit. If I attacked in a direction by accident or used a part of the combo I didn’t mean to, my mistake could easily be corrected.

It looked ridiculous. A rotating weapon in your hand. But at least it meant I didn’t have to use an extra potion. It meant I didn’t have to deal with consequences. That wasn’t intended. The intent of the animations is to be locked with your decision.

There is one thing about combat that has been consistent since Siptah released. You have to make a decision at every moment. You can do nothing, you can attack, you can continue an attack in a combo, you can dodge, you can block, you can move, or you can heal.

Animation canceling allows you to redo an action. Its a take back. Its a ‘I screwed up, but that’s ok, I get a freebie’. All I gotta do is rotate this weapon in my hands in an unintuitive manner, and not get my face wrecked because I made the wrong move.

Its a mulligan, a ctrl z, a redo, a save state, rewind, etc.

At the end of the day, it was higher dps. When animation canceling turns a 30 second fight into a 20 second one because you didn’t have to heal from your own mistakes. Guess what? Its higher dps. Against a 500hp opponent, it was 16.7 dps versus 25 dps

I love how everyone is showing DPS in a 10 second timeframe with no target. I’ve played MMORPGs for over 20 years. In every case DPS was calculated by the HP of the target divided by the time it took to take them down. This accounted for delays in attacks, movement, mechanics, and other factors. All things that have to be taken into account when you are trying to increase your DPS as well as rotations, abilities, and gear being used.

But this is usually associated with PVE. DPS isn’t normally relevant in PVP. But since animation canceling provides benefits to both. It is useful information to have.

In the case of PVP, the outcome of the fight is usually dictated by who can end it faster. But in these cases, a higher burst damage is wanted. Relying on DPS alone is not advised since the longer a fight goes, the less likely simply having a higher DPS is going to rule in your favor. Simply because the longer a fight goes, the less DPS you have.,

But this is where animation canceling can help. If you make a mistake in a combo, you can cancel it and redirect a new combo, therefor bursting your opponent in a way you couldn’t without it. In the case of an opponent not using the exploit, they are at a distinct disadvantage. They can’t effectively redirect bursts of damage in the same way as someone who does use it.

But this goes beyond that.

Funcom has expressed intent on rebalancing weapon animations in the future. What happens if they didn’t nip this in the bud now, like they have, when a weapon with a punishing animation but devastating damage (burst) enters play. It becomes the meta, obviously. Why not? With animation canceling you can use it without worry. Why use other weapons that are safer and lower burst when your so called ‘knowledge and ‘skill’’ can give you this mastery of this new rebalanced weapon animation.

The intent is clear. They wish to give players a variety of weapons with different animations for different playstyles.

Look at this thread, there is only a few weapons being used already. And I think therein lies the issue here. People are comfortable with this. Its like ‘of course there is only these weapons, its always been this way!’. The idea of nearly a dozen viable weapons is scary.

People know how to fight against axe and board, or spear, or whatnot. But add in all the other weapon types and things become uncertain. Things aren’t so routine anymore. Especially considering the fact that people can carry multiple weapons and change it up mid fight. Because right now, if you bring in a non-meta weapon, you die.

But if that changes to you have a chance with any weapon you practice with. Then people get uncomfortable. They can no longer rely on muscle memory. In addition they need to take into account that mistakes on their part are going to have consequences.

But either way this is a dead horse. This isn’t coming back. And I would stop pestering about it. At some point a dev might slip their actual opinion on those who used this and hurt some feelings. You don’t want your feelings hurt. There are better issues to argue about. Let the matter drop.


your wall of text is irrelevant here.

It wasn’t higher dps ever.

instead of wasting your time typing a 3k word essay on something you don’t understand you should invest sometime in learning what it actually did.
btw u can still offhand cancel which is the biggest problem and gave an actual dps increase and im not talking about with a shield.

I’d love for a dev to chime in and have a discussion. So many things they have no idea about in their own game that they implement. Can’t wait for the absolute mess transfers with items cause on official pvp servers because the devs are out of touch with their own game.

Anyway I’d love to see devs posting here because there is so many exploits you can still do in this game that have apparently been “patched”

Currently on live game I can get infinite stamina, walk under water, I know of 2 duping methods AND you can STILL get out of the green wall via the volcano dungeon…


If this is true, then do your part and send a private message to someone in the @Community. Don’t explain how to do these exploits in the public forum or brag to everyone that you can do them. But give Funcom the details so they can get them properly patched.

FYI, they probably already know about these exploits, but either way, insulting the Devs by saying they are “out of touch with their own game,” is not productive.

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I’m editing and uploading videos (that will be private) right now and they’ll be sent to the correct places. 1 Duping method is new to 2.4 and so is the infinite stamina method =)

it’s also not uncommon for devs to be out of touch with their game. World of Warcraft for instance. It’s just how it be.


They aren’t out of touch. They are very close to the game from what I see.


thanks for the many feedbacks. I see that alot has happened since last time check. Keep it going for the sake of it :slight_smile:

I like to read the many feedbacks & opinions regarding this topic.

Thank you for the enormous feedback. Quite the text. Informative. A matter of Perspective.

I think it is quite the mix of opinion & abit off related to the topic as I see you just commented the post & did not reply to a specific comment.

I’ll give you the reason behind the post;
it is not a dps matter it is a mobility matter.
if I may ask, do you play Conan exiles on PC, PS or XBOX?