POLL: Your vote about animation canceling

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That it is. As I said in the other thread, it is not a big deal for me personally, and its far from game breaking. It was however a nice QoL though, which to quote myself here ‘shaved a little off the sides’. I can still play and win without it.

Just more generally speaking here. Unless there is something here which I have overlooked, there are no logical grounds for PvE players to oppose having animation cancelling in the game, only moral ones. For PvE, and Singleplayers such as myself if it bothers them it is as simple as not using them. :wink:

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Perhaps… this change will mean less hard nerfs to weapons in the future as the damage output will have proper timing with each swing/sec.


Well, I would say that “realism” is a good pve reason tho. Its like the new climbing visual; its just more “real” and less just a mechanic. The more it feels like watching realistic motion the better imo.

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‘Realism’ is a flimsy counter argument to justify removal. Your playing the wrong game if you are searching for realism, everything from constructing a stone wall in under 10 seconds, to pulling a weapon out of thin air, to using a chunk of steak to mend a bite from a giant crocodile dispels realism. Or if we are going to tackle realism in mechanic form, I would sooner tackle the the players inability to drink while running or jogging. Any triathlete, and the vast majority of civillian runners can easily perform this.

As I have always maintained: fun trounces realism, and practicality trounces them both.


Wish we could just pour our aloe potions into our water skins lol :joy: apparently they require less mastery to drink out of than a glass flask on the run :man_shrugging:


Animation cancelling Good riddance is my vote.



This update is great,now u can fight with y own hands not with some macro and prorams,really nice

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Everyone is a noob at one time in their gaming, even you. Be patient mate. A noob or not a noob, doesn’t matter.

Well I would say everything you mentioned is just an opportunity for further improvement. If realism has no place, then a lot of the point of the games design clearly goes out the window. Take the new climbing mechanic. Its a more realistic look to the climb without making it any slower. Take horseback turning; there is momentum there to avoid tight turns. The old sonic roll died a very similar death to the one we are discussing today.

I agree that the game will never feel “real” but I would say that a combat system that feels the most “real” is what Conan should be all about. Its about big heavy brutes smashing each other with giant swords and axes. Its not about being the fastest button mash to get to the result. It should be a trade off between making the combat realistic but at the same time fair for the pvp crowd. This change is most likely step 1. Step 2 is going thru and making sure that all weapon and combat styles have a place so that everyone isnt drawn to just one style. This should (and I cant stress that enough) mean fewer nerfs to our weapons in the future as they will have more predictable use as intended.

But this does feel like the loss of sonic roll all over again. It would be better of course had the weapons always responded this way, so everyone would already be used to it. Instead there is now a readjustment period. It should be pretty apparent tho that this change was made because people were using the existing mechanic in a way that was not intended.


Not everyone likes every change. I personally agree with most of the changes that have been made, aside from thrall nerfs with no server setting.

Also, if Funcom says it was not intended, then that’s their reason. If you want to impugn them over it, I would suggest finding something that says the opposite before throwing accusations about.

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That still doesnt follow that it was intended and they dont know what was intended.

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He basically explains what was intended.

You can still do that with dodge.

I am saying he didn’t mention any wield/unwield or animation canceling.

Ah okay I misinterpreted something.

And here we go again.


Before the patch hit, there was 12,000 peak players. After the patch hit and giving a few days for the anti-2.4 rhetoric to set in… there’s 16,000 players on CE playing as of writing this. The one’s complaining about canceling are such a miniscule amount of players that they can’t even be called a small minority. The numbers speak for themselves.

This issue should now be considered a dead horse and irrelevant from here on out. The devs want it gone, the players want it gone. The devs consider it an exploit and only exploiters wish to see it return. Which will never happen now.

Its time to move on to more pressing issues.


What are you saying prove nothing… What a bad faith. You like twist facts…

Feel free to show counter evidence.

What I find funny is the amount of people in this very poll that voted that canceling was fun, used multiple forum accounts (it lets everyone know when someone posts on a new account), and still failed to get enough to prove otherwise.

Show me your numbers, otherwise my statement stands.


And again we have a lot of roleplayers talking about combat mecanics hahaha… Know nothing about PVP ,but keeps defending this new updates because it increases their chances in pvp servers… It is sad that the game needs to be adapted to newcomers instead of the opposite.