Animation cancel changes are bad

I really find it hard to believe pressing your weapons keybind then put it away then pressing it again to bring it back out to cancel the animation an exploit/glitch as so many proclaim.

It’s been in game since 2018. Pretty sure it was intended but so many new pve players crying over it the devs just caved and “fixed” it

Offhand cancelling sure call it an exploit because it was spammable. especially with scripts/macros.

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Ok Now canceling an animation is now called “skill” ?


It sure adds skill to the game being able to react to any situation by cancelling your animation instead of being stuck in animation like what will happening in 2.4 :joy:

It seems undermeshers also have skills to be able to put his base in Impossibme to reach places, that also requires skills , but still an exploit ,

The things you have to read here…



omg. i can’t believe you compared these two things…
Animation cancel adds a lot of skillplay to the game, i said it before
I don’t record my own fights, but i’m going to post a video from a friend of my who is good at pvp to show you what i mean.

Btw he is not scripting.


i compared them because BOTH are exploits, period, one could be more “bad” than the other, but both are exploits nonetheless.

I exclusively play pvp, the change is good. Animation cancelling is aids and im glad to be rid of it. Also, i guess your autohotkey name is a meme, but it doesnt lend to a reasonable discussion when you name your self after hte program that people use to exploit the offhand animation cancelling lmao

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They are not the same thing.
Things like animation cancel exists in other games.
They may be an unwanted feature in the beginning, but it often ends up becoming part of the game. Sometimes even becoming the main feature of the game: (For example in the game GUNZ: The Duel).
On League of legends there are characters that benefit from this mechanics too, as well as several other games: Lineage 1,2, Guildwars, Elder scrolls online, and almost all fighting games like Street Fighter and the like.

On the other side you quote Undermeshes. Something totally harmful to the game, which requires no skill to do and there is no counter-play. In some undermeshes, the player became immune to raids.
Animation cancel does not make you immune or the God of PvP.

It requires a lot of training and practice to cancel and know how to use it at the right time.
This type of mechanics adds the dynamism that the Conan Exiles combat system needs.
Read what I’m saying here and cherish it. If Funcom maintains these choices for Patch 2.4, the combat will become something totally fought and clunky.

The combat will be Right Click spam the right weapon (I bet on the 1-handed sword).

They buffed the dodge roll, which means you’ll go further. that is, it becomes MORE difficult to reach your opponent after you make an attack and get stuck in the animation.
There is no skill involved in this



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we are not talking about other games, IT IS CLEAR cancel animation is an exploiit in conan exiles, the devs believe it is, some other pvprs believe it is, in my books there aint good exploits or bad ones, they are all cancel animation affects everyone, whats the complaint? if you are all going to be playing under the same rule? you cant do it, but noone else will either. thats what i call even grounds.

thats debatable, but… again it is an exploit, both are

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your sarcasm is useless here.
I am debating in a friendly way and showing facts and the point of view of an experienced PvPlayer.
If you have nothing to add, you have no reason to participate in a debate.

All of us here on this forum love this game and want it to evolve more and more.
Unfortunately, Funcom has a bad history involving balancing.
But regardless of that I still hope that they can find this balance and a good final design.

If you disagree with the points I raised, please show your point, describing it, showing evidence and etc …
This way, not only can you change the opinion of players like me, but you can also influence Funcom’s decisions, adding something good to the game and the community.

In most of the games that I mentioned, animation cancel was also an exploit at the beginning.
However, by creating a dynamic and adding a skillplay layer to the game, they ended up being incorporated.

Without the anim cancel and with the recent changes in the healing system, etc., the combat will have practically no skillplay involved.
We will go back to moments like The Jhebbal Sag Claw when all you had to do was lock your aim and spam the mouse button.

Imagine the situation as I said before. 01 veteran player against 02 newbie players. both with the same equipment.
If the 02 newbies keep spamming the right mouse button with the 1-handed sword, there is little the veteran can do against it.

So yes, completely removing this cancel mechanic from the game interferes with skillplay.

If it is possible, when disagreeing with the points that I have been raising, bring evidence, points of view and description of them for us to try to understand better.
Without stopping at the idea that “it is an exploit and period”.

As I said, this mechanic was born as an exploit in most games but ended up being adopted by them.

sorry i dont condone any form of exploits in the game, no need to go further for me, this was an exploit, something that got fixed by the developers already, you are complaining on something that has changed because it was considered an exploit. and based on what i have seen , people or a good portion of the community feels ok with the fix.

i do understand you dont like the change, but how it was and based on funcom action is not how they envision the pvp aspect of the game. hence their fix.

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the developers decide what is desired in their game. if funcom is of the opinion that animation canceling has no place in it, then it is clearly an exploit and no complaining or begging will help. :neutral_face:

Well, that’s the thing. Animation canceling itself isn’t an exploit. But it can be abused so it becomes an exploit.

For example, at the end of the katana heavy attack, the character does this little “fling the blood off the blade” flourish. You can, however, initiate another attack or something in the middle of that flourish, which cancels that animation. That’s animation canceling and a good thing. Not only for gameplay, but also it just doesn’t make any sense that you’d stand there taking hits just to complete that little move. (I’ve got a bad feeling that was changed with all this talk of changes to animation canceling though… :fearful: )

Where it becomes a problem is when people are deliberately attacking, putting their sword in their pocket, equipping a shield, putting the shield away, drawing the sword, rolling backwards, drinking a beer, doing a crossword puzzle, throwing a spear, and dancing the tango all in the span of less than a second. That’s the sort of thing that was never intended in any game. But it’s not easy to fix without resulting in the above mentioned situations with people standing around like morons.


Strictly speaking, anything that the developers didn’t intend could be called an exploit. Whether it is or isn’t depends on what the devs decide once it’s discovered. Which is why “it’s an exploit, of course it must be removed” is not really a good argument when discussing balance issues.

I’m not taking sides here, by the way. I’m just pointing out that you guys are talking past each other. It’s kinda like discussing a real life issue and one person is arguing about its legality, whereas another person is arguing about its morality. It’s kinda hard to have a conversation when people equate two things that aren’t the same :wink:

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Weak argument. You can still roll mid swing.

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But rolling costs a lot of stamina right.
I’m glad Funcom is not like Zenimax which cant fix animation canceling in ESO and calls it a feature instead.

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This is how it should be, where skills matter :slight_smile: