Whirlwind blades bugged

it says its “bleed” but it cripples lol

i cant post pic cuz my accounts to new

Intentional. It applies bleed specifically when doing a running heavy attack, not on every hit like daggers


One way or the other, they’re a bit underwhelming, at least from my experience. They have very cool animations, but the damage/utility is questionable.

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Very correct, I totally agree. The new animation is very exiting. It just need a bit more attention and it will be perfect

they’re my main weapon their durability drops like crazy though but yeah the dmg is meh even with the 3 heavy and the long rolly boi spin its just mid

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These blades are @Tephra s favorite weapon too. Yet I feel that I am missing damage on hits. Ofcurce maybe it’s my consoles issue and not general. Yet I get what I use to take with the “old daggers”, missed hits without damage at all. You see the mob getting every single hit, but not each hit applies damage :man_shrugging:. The same problem I have when I use sword with throwing knives, or axe with throwing knives. These animations are super cool, especially for a pve freak like me, these combinations are very important, the game gets better when you use different combinations on weapons. Plus, compared the difficulty to gain a set like it, I believe that it had to have a bit more armor pen and damage. It’s an assassin weapon after all

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