Whirlwind Blades + Havoc and Malice nerf seems too harsh

Whirlwind Blades went from 54 Damage and 10.5% Armor Penetration to 40 Damage and 0% Armor Penetration.

Havoc and Malice went from 57 Damage to 40 Damage.

Every epic crafted dagger and practically every other legendary dagger are just flat out better than these two now. This nerf puts them below base Star Metal Daggers, even.

I really hope this large of a nerf wasn’t intentional. These weapons look so nice but there would be no point in using them with these stats.


yeah I dont get it, they are 2 handed weapons, that are legendary so they should do more dmg. I never used either of them before so I sure won’t now

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My only explanation is that they want to nerf daggers to prevent them from becoming the meta in the view of the new slow dodge mechanic.


Its a roll of the dice to even get these weapons or should say its a roll of your hard farmed fragments to then get a weapon that is worst then one I can make on a bench myself. This makes them useless as why bother farming fragments to roll that dang dice to get something worth not even the time it took you to farm said fragments, let alone it cost you a second fragment to make them, heck easier to get star metal or almost any resource and sure of getting that now better weapon with no farming for fragments.

This is just an insult to players who have gotten lucky enough to get these weapons and an insult to players who have worked to farm the requirements, not like the unnamed city is the least bit dangerous so no biggie you do not care and now our work is nerfed yet again. What is next Funcom, what else have you decided it is not or was not worth our time to farm or even bother to use.


Daggers of Dagon are still sitting at 52 Damage and 18% Armor Penetration, which were arguably already better than the Whirlwind Blades anyway.

To be honest, I just don’t understand what the point of this nerf was. I plan on trying to revert it back with mods on my server.


Yeah I’m in on this too… useless nerf for sure. At least give us some reasoning behind the decision because this one makes no sense.

Plz inform us if the reasoning behind this. If it IS because of the backflip that dumb logic. Daggers have the shortest range. Thats enough of a handicap in itself. There was no reason for a nerf to these weapons.

Well, it follows the usual pattern.
There is nothing wrong with some adjustments, but weapons usually get changed in such a way, that most players simply stop using them (e.g. lifeblood spear).
Please FC, a hammer is not always the right tool for repairs.

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I think the nerf on dmg, “balance wise” its due to their range, daggers have smaller hitboxes, so to counter the equally fast hitting dual axe/blades with their larger hitbox, well, it actually makes sense.

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This is the correct answer.
Whirlwind blades and Havoc&Malice have significantly more range then other daggers. So you can easily follow up with them on the new dodge rolls, hence they needed a nerf.

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Many things Funcom does makes no sense and they never state a reason… Thats the problem.

Hello @Rayner, just to clarify on the matter these adjustments were intentional and are included in the patch notes:

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We all knew it was intentional…

We asked: But WHY?



@Hugo, I knew it was in the patch notes, I just didn’t imagine this large of a nerf was intended.

I’m struggling to see where these weapons have a use now. They still require Legendary Weapon Kits to repair, but they have worse stats than just about every other end-game dagger in the game.

Even mid-game weapons like Flawless Hardened Steel Daggers would compete depending on what you’re fighting. 35 Damage + 18% armor penetration > 40 Damage + 0% armor penetration in many situations.

Please reconsider the magnitude of this nerf before December 5th.


Oh it is So very very Balanced to have to go to the Unnamed city to farm Legendary repair kits for a weapon that is worst in stats then many you can make and repair at any bench. Not much Balance there in my mind.


@hugo Can you give reason as to why these weapons were nerfed, as well as the serpent man weapons?

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The balance are in values, the way to acquire said weapon differs from that, that I agree must be figured out, now you can’t deny that numbers must be balanced in order to have a fair game for everyone.

Also, going to UC to farm repair kits are not that hard while you still farm weapons altogether in the same place. To craft weapons and repair them at the bench you gotta go after the mats, I don’t see a big deal here.

Just make afew of the items and add a kit to them to keep the old damage output befor the patch hits.

Where this weapon to OP? I didnt even see that many people using it…

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