Weapon Balancing

So, when can we expect to see the other weapons being on par with the Spear since that what’s being said? Some examples, animations on 1h Sword, Axe, Mace, Hammer and Katana could use a speed up, the combat will feel much more fluid with faster animations on those weapons because we will have a reason to use it, the way it is now it is not very effective.

The Katana for instance, would be a superb weapon with faster animations on the 3rd, 4th light attacks and the Heavy one, a Spear user (or any other weapon in this case) will easly poke you because the animations roots for too long, so you dont feel agile after you perform an atack and move like a ninja would do.

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Yes, an attack while sprint and jump would be a huge addition for the combat, I’m kinda feeling they’re not aware of the imbalance oh the weapons, it desperately needs attention.

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Seem that Hyperarmor is coming for light 2h Hammer & heavy dagger combo with the next patch.

To me it would just need a slower annimation for the first heavy spear attack, making it more a defensive weapon like 2h sword & 2hand hammer

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Bleh, hammer doesnt need hyperarmor on light, but faster animations on heavy, and a slower opening on heavy spear makes a lot of sense indeed.


I think the one-handed sword is fine as it is. Well, its hitbox seems a bit glitched at times, missing strikes that should have hit, but its attack combos feel fine as is.

The mace feels clumsy, the pirouettes are dumb, the animations slow and its reach is too short. It feels like a suicide weapon. Same with the hammer, which, frankly, is an idiotic weapon concept. There are pretty good reasons why that sort of weapon was never used in real life, but, considering the good Conan movie, I feel its existence in the game universe is justified.

Many people seem to like the axe, I never got a good feel of it and pretty much abandoned using it. Similarly, I tested the katana but didn’t like it very much, but I know some people swear it’s the new king of PVE.

I don’t do PVP, but in PVE the spear has limited uses these days. Multiple human NPCs are a problem because of the delay between strike and dodge, as are any monsters and animals that cannot be staggered. It’s good against cats and dogs, and against spiders and the little snakes that are difficult to hit with shorter weapons because of how low they slither. It’s useful enough that I carry one with me everywhere, but not the first weapon I reach for in combat these days.

I understand PVP is an entirely different environment, and that’s where balancing stuff needs to focus on because NPCs won’t complain if their choice of weapons is suboptimal… but whatever is done to balance the weapons, I hope it’s not done at the cost of making some options useless in PVE.

The 4th light attack on sword is too slow, for a combo finisher that doesnt have hyper armor its slow, and you only hit npcs, forget about hitting players. Same as Axe 4 attack as they share the same move.

Agree on mace and hammer, they have to be faster in order to be any good because they are really trash, Funcom is giving light chain hyper armor on hammer, but imo, that is not a good “fix” for it, because the problem lies on the heavy chain, that is toooooooo slow, you dont even need to dodge the attacks, only step aside.

Katanas, well, an awesome looking weapon, wielding makes you feel like a ninja with the right clothes. But its attacks have such a long time interval on the animations that roots you in place, making you a sitting duck. The heavy attack is good, because makes you harder to be hit while performing the attack, but then again, the preparation and right after the attack, you can’t move for almost 3 seconds, thats HUGE time unless you dodge, same as the 3rd and 4th light attacks. (on the end of the 4th you can’t even dodge, getting a higher dmg hit and 1 bleed stack is not worth the risk in my opinion).

Katana is nice, but need a lot of tweaking.

This one, like other legendaries, does not match its description that says “This blade seems impossibly black” , and yet has the same skin as the default katana, it would be so good if they come with an original skin sometime, all in black would be cool, or a shadowy spectre like the blue effect we see in skeletons and the new weapon on testlive.

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