Suggestion: Increase pace of opening attacks

  • My Suggestion: Make opening attacks faster for some weapons. I’m talking about 10 - 30%. The spears has excellent pacing for example.

I’m not saying all weapons should have the same speed. There is a style to each and that is good, just that fine tuning is needed.

In the latest test live patch I see the heavy attack for 1 handed swords have been slowed down, dramatically. It’s even slower then the 2 handed spear.

The 2 handed spear opening heavy attack is close to 1 second.

The 1 handed swords opening heavy attack is around 1,5 - 1,7 seconds. Around 1 - 1.2 seconds is my suggestion.

The 2 handed swords opening heavy attack is around 2 seconds. This is a little bit to slow and the animation is really revealing. like mentioned before, I think the boss: Kinscourge has some great moves with his 2 handed sword.

Scenario: I catch up to you… I’m right behind and you are moving normally waiting for your stamina bar to fill up. I should be able to land a hit, (if you don’t have cat like reflexes and dodges of course). With the spear this is possible. Otherwise you get this running simulator we are see now. I want to make more weapons viable.

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