AI attack reaction speed

Since new combat animations and patch kicked in I feel like AI attack speed needs to be tuned up just a bit more. Specially against animals I feel like they are giving me too much time to react to their attacks and thus make game too easy even when you tweak their damage output higher.

I am bit more reserved towards humans and weapon speeds as I am not sure how it would mess up combat but even that feels slightly too slow. Many times I feel like humans with 2H weapons give me way too much time to react to their attack. I love play with Sword and Board and once I stike into that generous window that AI grants me I can continue attacking while AI cannot do anything but to watch its healthbar reach 0.

I would appreciate perhaps slider that allows server owners to tweak attack speed universally. If any of devs played Witcher 2 specially, if you have tried Dark Mode difficulty, thats how I would like to see Conan Exiles combat at its hardest because at the moment for me it feels bit stale.

Thank you very much!

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