Make NPC AI at least reasonable

It is unforgivable for a game that relies on combat for so much of the game play to have such terrible AI. I love the game, except for this one thing and it is what is making me leave the game out of boredom. By making the AI so poorly you make only one sort of combat viable, the straight on rush. Why for instance does my archers tank thrall run all the way to where my first shot hit and refuse to intercept the inevitable and also stupid ai straight on rush? Why do the Thralls do things like wade into pools of acid and lava? IN a game in which the combat system relies upon managing distance and timing the unresponsive and laggy performance combined with the jerky jerky movement- I have had enemies jump/teleport past and through me in really annoying and dumb ways in almost every major combat. Before you do one more thing- replace this lazy amateur excuse for AI with something professional before you add one more useless fluff item like mounts that also due to this clunky poorly executed AI system are in fact useless in meaningful combat. IF this is not fixed in Conan Exiles I will never ever purchase another Funcom product, I just wont be able to trust that you will deliver a professional product.

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I agree, combat is absolutely straight forward and it ruins any form of creativity, alternative builds. NPCs will simply rush and mindlessly attack/zerg the player, dodge is absolute hiddeous and armor/stats have little impact on it. No wonder why everybody put on their AAA armor, grab the highest DPS two handed and simply trade blows. Sword and shield, daggers, dual wield, light armor, bows… those simply wont work as primary combat choices anymore.

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