Fix Lag and AI Issues

Please, stop adding content until the AI and lag issues are improved. There is obviously a massive problem in both of these areas and it seems like Funcom just wants to keep adding as much content as possible without addressing the main issues driving people away. If you can just focus on this and fix it and then get back to adding content this game would be so great, I just don’t understand why this is not a top priority. The AI is terrible and the combat system is still not fixed, please guys stop asking them to add sorcery and all these other new additions, fix the fundamental problems and then add onto that rather than taking on a “good enough” attitude with broken systems.


Can’t agree more. Fix the lag, upgrade the servers capacity and improve ai before doing anything else please!


:clap::clap::clap:the ai(thralls and enemies) and combat problems are the only thing keeping this game from being perfect

Are you sure you want no new content for 2-3 months?

Also the AI being too smart would cause more uproar than current AI, if you aggro a spider and it crawls up the walls after you and swims and just chases you down till you’re dead…well people are going to be mad.

The folks that work on the AI and optimization aren’t necessarily the ones work on the new content.

Funcom wanted to hire a company (this was almost a year ago) which are specialized in Ai for computer games. If this is the result, Funcom should hire a good lawyer and sue them.


+1 on this … I’ve had my thralls just doing nothing watching me get hit … or bosses just watching me hit them or being so … Just not smart? Letting you heal staying down the stairs and just looking at you (with those eyes you know !) But meh … doesn’t seem all that terrifying or fun if you can just cheat your way through anything that could otherwise kill you … I don’t want Conan exiles to be a walk in the park.