Quality of life suggestions for the Hammer, Great Sword and Rolling

Hey guys, so as most of us know the Hammer and Great Sword are very low in terms of usefulness. mainly because they are two slow. A competitive build of axe or spear will out do these two weapons.

SO here are some suggestions from multiple experienced players, and their review on possible ways of fixing them. Plz add more of your own if you have any ideas.


First Heavy Swing attack:
Right now this attack is far too slow to hit any competent player. I’ve had fast/med roll spear users run in tag me at face range and then roll out before i can finish this one attack. especially against med or fast rolls. I would suggest increasing the start up and swing animation of the hammers first heavy attack by 75-100% and range by 20%.

Second Heavy Swing attack
Second we need to do something about the second Heavy Swing attack. Right now an Axe user can finish most of his/her combo before you will get this second combo attack off. The start up needs to be increased by at least 200%.

Fast attack Hammer spins:
These attacks need Hyper armor. and badly. Right now they are not useful under any competitive setting. most player attacks will tag you, interrupting the attack, and roll away for good measure. Their start up animation is too slow as well. ive had fast/med roll spear users run in, tag me, and then roll out before i can finish this combo.

Second Hammer spin:
For some reason this attack will miss unless you aim downwards, not sure if working as in tended. this spin also needs hyper armor.

First and Second Light attack:
These are actually fine, maybe increase the range by 15-20% and speed a tad, but otherwise, they are very fun to use.

Final Hammer Review:
The hammer is a very sub-par weapon. for a very slow weapon, the damage is very low. and many attacks are down right unusable in a pvp setting. it has no saving graces of any kind. Right now a properly built heavy user with an axe will out damage a properly built heavy hammer user. because the axe user can run in, attack 2-3 times and roll out, winning the trade. the hammer should always win trades. and it doesn’t. Players should have to poke the hammer users, not go toe to toe with them. The hammer is bottom tier.


First Heavy attack. This is a fun attack to use. it goes great with wield canceling, and is mainly used as a zoning tool to set up the spin to win. But right now its too slow. it needs its start up and swing animation increased by at least 50-75%. Ive had players run through me before the animation can finish. Am I suppose to foretell the future in order to hit someone with this? It also needs more range.

Spin attack:
These attacks are the bread and butter of Greatswords, id say just make them 15-25% faster, with slighty more range and it will be a very solid attack.

All light attacks:
These for some reason are all too slow. the first light attack takes forever to start up. i would increase the speed of the start up time by at least 100%. Because right now all the light attacks are too slow to even be useful. most sword users don’t use the light attacks, because they either need hyper armor at certain points or are too slow.

Final Great Sword Review:
The great Sword is a very fun weapon to use, it has many useful tactics in its heavy attack arsenal. But it too falls prey to the fact that its light attacks are pointless and many of its attacks are too slow. The great sword is Low medium tier.

Fast/Med/Slow roll:

Many players deem the spear to be the top tier meta of Conan Exiles, but i argue that its the Rolls that are to blame. A player with a fast roll can run in, attack their opponent at blank range, (face to face) and then roll out before they other heavy attack user can attack them. many times ill watch people duel and the fast roller will roll away from an attack they were supposed to get hit by, (you can see the blood spurt) and roll away Scott-free. My Suggestion is to decrease the starting invulnerability frames of both rolls. this way we add more risk into a very low risk, high reward mechanic.

Thats all i got, thanks for reading. Please leave some ideas or arguments. please be constructive. :slight_smile:

2H weapons aren’t meant to be as fast as 1H, otherwise there’s no point in using 1 handed weapons if you could out damage the other player in the same amount of speed. 2H weapons should do more damage, have more range, and the capability to hit multiple targets in varying amounts. Some attacks should be faster, such as the first attack, or they could have more range for initiating, but overall it shouldn’t feel as fast as any 1 handed weapon.

They shouldn’t buff every other 2 handed weapon just because we have one that is superior, it won’t fix anything without breaking something else.

I also agree they should have more damage and more range, but currently they do not have enough to offset how slow they are. I am suggestion either a start up increase or swing increase. you can still maintain a “slow” speed attack that has a fast swing. but as it stands they are TOO slow in both areas. And there is a golden range of speed vs damage.

Basically i am stating there is a formula for Damage, Range, and Speed. and things aren’t adding up. allow me to explain:

Something with X damage and Y Range would have Z speed and A Hyper armor, the more damage and range something has, the less speed it should have, the less range something has the more speed it should have. and the more speed the less damage. Hyper armor would be applied to areas where we dip below a certain parameter in speed.

Right now for two handed Great Sword and Hammer that formula is off. for example:

The hammers First heavy attack has low range, and speed, but only moderate damage. for this to make sense, the hammer should do a lot more damage than it does. But since it does not have the range nor the damage, I’m suggestion it to be faster. Or add more range. but even then there is a limit to how slow something can be to be useful. An attack that one shots people but takes 3 seconds to execute is both boring and unusable in a game were players can roll, and run past attacks in a split second.

from what i’ve read, i feel you believe that the Hammer and Greatsword are not subpar? If so, care to elaborate on how they aren’t? I would be interested to hear more.

Personaly tho. Spears aren’t broken, they are just the only viable weapon to use right now cause the other weapons are not on par with the spear. I believe the spear is the status quo, that all other weapons need to be brought up too.

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I still think 2handed weapons aren’t out of their playstyle and believability, but it defintily relates back to when they decided to remove poise and add hyper-armor (cannot be controlled during a heavy swing). Also they do not have a method to counter at all leaving the dps to the quickest and highest hitting weapon which is why axe and spear take over. There should be tools fitting to the weapon style to deal with various tasks, without any superior choices.

They should consider adding poise back even if they have to nerf the potential max poise to better balance builds in pvp. With this in mind, 2 handed builds can focus more on just getting the range in their attack and its up to their enemy to react with a block, dodge, and they should add parry.

I think parry could be balanced with a “animation” with a few other changes.

-When you initially raise your shield, a short animation is added to small-medium sized shields which can parry certain attacks (anything that isn’t shield smash). Large shields having more projectile block area and deal more damage when used to shield bash so both have a niche.

-After the animation, you hold your raised shield as normal with no stamina regen and taking durability damage with each block.

-Swords replace the shield for the initial block animation in the case of a parry, and deal bonus damage to foes affected by a parry.

-Parry would last 1 second for 1 handed weapon attackers and 1.5 seconds for 2 handed weapon attackers, however 2 handed weapons have very few attacks susceptible to parry with the exception of spear, with the first 2 heavy attacks being susceptible. I’d expect this mechanic to be very difficult to perfect so a lesser version would at least introduce the concept and give players the chance to see if it will benefit skilled players without being exploitive.

A parry mechanic would be very cool. Costly, but cool. they could even make weapons with enlarged parry windows. or others that have shorter windows, but maybe stunlock for a longer period of time.

Very interesting NinjaEd, thanks for the extra ideas! ^.^

They have to be careful with the parry window, I only suggest a half second difference because the weight of having a 2 handed weapon redirected would make sense if it took longer to recover from but the likelihood of having a 2 handed weapon parried would be low.

Anything too long, (I think 2 seconds and up takes too long), you render them useless for huge openings. Most attacks, primarily in this case would be the heavy attack, don’t take that long to execute and a parry should open them up just long enough to land that attack and punish them for attacking recklessly. Many attacks would remain with hyperarmor and be unable to parry as would weapons with shieldsmash but a timed activation of a shield block, especially with sword, should help deal with any unbalanced mechanics that come along.

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