Give Hammers some actual love!

I love them. They are most rewarding to play, since its all about timing. Only problem is, its not rewarded by proper damage output… Dont get me wrong, I like to really work for a kill, otherwise I`d just run a spear or bring a Thrall with Croms Cheesesword. I do think the damage needs a slight buff though.

Even though they now have hyperarmor on their weak attacks, Hammers still do way too little damage for their attackspeed. No, armorpen does not make up for the slow attackspeed and low damage…

Any Hammerheads out there feel the same way?


Although I do not really use them, yes, I agree that hammers should do more damage than they currently do, a mass of stone or metal being swung at you is going to really hurt, regardless of what you’re wearing.

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some day earlier in the game period, they was a time blessed for hammer user, we could use the dragonbone one with a shield. Bring that back !

They did hyper armor the light attacks, so if anything it makes them usable in group fighting.

Yeah, I would argue however that that hyperarmor on the light attack, the only ones fast enough against mobs, since only boosted by 10% and already havin far lower damage than heavys, are horribly low compared to just spamming heavy attacks with Spear and Greatsword. Heavys with a greatsword for example have a more than 50 higher DPS than the heavy with a Hammer (JustHorse made really nice vids about the weapondamage) and a faster attackspeed.

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Yes! A lone barbarian skulking through the sands toward his foes, hammer in hand, is a thing of badassery indeed. But they really need to deal more damage.

I am not a hammerhead. I have tried to use them. I really have. But there are way more effective choices out there. Even with their added hyper armor, I still would rather use something else. But I certainly wish that wasn’t the case.

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Not only hammers, in fact, almost all weapons need revamp, animations angle and speed, hitboxes, its all a mess, maces for exemple, I bet not a single player don’t use them, Funcom did a wonderful job on the combat revamp, but the weapons need attention for sure.

I fully agree. I would be surprised if they finally did that. They work hard, I get that. This game was broken when they tricked us into buying it and it has never been fully fixed.

The core gameplay is phenomenal, the crafting, the building… fighting needs some serious work done. Dodge rolls dont work properly, weapon balance is far off and hitboxes… how often i have missed an opponent that stood steadily right in front of me… i can not count.

you know, when i look back at what was the game day one two year ago, and i see morhau.

I can’t see otherwise than this miss potential they had. But hey, the combat now isn’t that bad, it just need more diversity and yep, a rework of certain weapon like masses or hammer.

Why not add a server setting for items so we can tweak their numbers to our liking?

that would mean dev’s giving up on balancing the game, and leave it to the player to do so, plus the fact that it would change nothing on official.

First of all, it need armor pen, more of it !
Second, why not make it so they can destroy building ? I thing a new hammer on nameless city do so. it would be neat if they all could, and the legendary do it better, maybe lock down the other by bein the only one who can damage T3

On contrary this would mean that they have to code balance parameters into the game in the first place and let us unbalance the items to our liking.

pray set for that to happen, that’s what we beg for quite some time now x) the good part is they seem to start with the dagger & hammer, that mean they won’t stop to that

I know it can happen. It’s actually the very premise on top of which every item is fleshed their personality on; pros and cons. Imbalance is when one is too extreme in one or the other direction without having an equal and opposite countermeasure. However, balancing out items without breaking their personality in the process is a feat that I’ve yet to witness.

Rock-Paper-Scissors paradox

I think it is almost ridicilous that a giant Piece of metal smashed on someones head gives sunder and no cripple. Sunder is only good against high armored Targets. It therefor only does viable damage against those. The insanely slow attackspeed forcing the player into an opportunistic fightstyle is punishment enough. No need for the lowest damage. Greatswords will still be more Userfriendly through speed, even with a lower basedamage.

Yes I agree with the topic, I feel the drawback of the hammer is not compensated by its damage.

I don’t think it’s so bad balanced, but a little more damage would make it better when you use it, but also more threat when npcs use it against you and I’ll find it more challenging.

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Hammers aren’t good not because they lack attack speed or damage, but because they serve no purpose. There are tons of different enemies but to my experience they differ only by their HP pool. Their armor values are not that different - and hammers are suppose to be a tool for that.
Kappas look like they could have a ton of armor, because of their carapace, but in fact they could be killed just as easily as naked Exiles in river camps.

I have to disagree… my current character uses a Hanuman hammer and it rocks wherever you go. It may seem slow compared to a two handed big sword, but if tou practice with the different light and heavy timing attacks, you can cause really big struggles in an enemy mob. I am not sure when, but one of the latest patches gave better hit rating to hammers, or that was my impression at least. The only thing that bugs me about hammers is that more often than not, the very first attack on any enemy will miss if it’s a heavy attack. I don’tknow if this is a bug, most likely something to do with collision boxes, but that can get annoying, though using light attack as first usually circumvents this inconvenience.

More to hammers would make them a little too over the edge, which rp wise may be right (as some said, getting hit by a huge stone at the end of a pole swung at you should really hurt), but more damage is not a good option I think, possibly giving attacks differeng effects is a better solution, as some mentioned here.


I get your point. It is still the weakest of the three two handed weapons though. Do the same things you described with a twohanded sword or a spear and you will know what I mean. Especially when spamming heavy attacks with them, wich is just not viable with a hammer as you basically just pointed out yourself…

Legendarys are mostly very strong :wink: and hard to compare, lets stick to the craftables…

Oh, I don’t need to spam attacks, on ocassion that hammer one hits weak foes, and thing is not to spam but more use an intelligent combination of heavy and light, just as any other weapon. You can spam attacks with any weapon, that’s not the question, thing is now fighting a blacksmith with a hammer is way more challenging than before the hammers tweak. Before, they couldn’t even launch a blow before you had landed two full 4 hit combos on them which by then was useless, but now, they get their chance and when they hit with that hammer, it does hurt. Maybe tweaking the effects, and don’t forget hammers do sunder reducing armor which increases damage I think by quite a bit.

The fact that two handed swords are a bit more powerful is fine, maybe that’s the way it should be. If we level all the weapons to a same standard, what is yhe point in choosing one over the other?, my actual build is darfari, and wouldn’t make much sense to have him wield a two handed or a khopesh, his knowledge of using it is none (rp wise of course).