War hammer fighting feels off

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on these things, but ever since chapter 3 I’ve noticed my hammer swings are constantly getting interrupted by light attacks well into its animation. Like the momentum of the swing just gets completely cut off in a way that feels extremely jarring. Similarly, some enemies are able to break stagger and attack me before I can complete a combo.

Devs, fight a skeletal serpent man or a skeletal boss in the unnamed city and use your heavy attacks on them. Something feels very off.


2h hammers are fav weapons of the Lead Dev, so just copy what he does.
Activate god mode and swing away. 2h hammers feel great when you have 100% hyper from god mode.

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So, realism? Trying to swing a 25-pound mallet as a weapon would be suicide against anyone with an actual weapon. I’ve always liked the way two-handed hammers work - they’re slow, cumbersome and unwieldy, and not actually good for fighting.

A combat change during this age added the ability to turn your attack for a short duration after you start a swing, but during that window that you are able to turn you have 0 hyperarmor.

I have always thought they need to do massive armor durabilty loss to the enemy. Sort of a armor breaking weapon.

Every light attack stops heavy ones. It was this way before as well. Foes like this that’s constantly repeating the same pattern were combo breakers and now they became heavy attack breakers too. I said it a lot of times the past 30 hours , like a broken record, strength builds need the handy cap of agilty now. You need to be swift and circus acrobat to play 2h strength weapons. If you use rolling thrust you are a freaking terminator. But without agility, 2 handed weapons are risky now.
On the npc of mob side, hammers have become really punishing, they insta rotate to any direction and in some cases, you can be one shoted too.
Don’t get me wrong, i like difficulty, but the grace of the strength pve battle is lost, “style on fights” is gone and replaced from double dodge :confused:.
Light armors and agility are better with hammers, check it.

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