Lets talk about the Light Attacks of some weapons!

I would like to ask the community and devs something regarding this;

All heavy attacks have hyper armor, heavy attacks do more damage, and not always are slower (some are even faster than the light ones like we see in axe and 1h sword).

So, whats the point of using light attacks?

I almost always use heavy attacks but there are some instances where I do use light attacks.
Such as with daggers, I start off with a light attack because it has better reach and will move me forward, ensuring my follow up heavy attacks land. With wonky hit boxes and collision, I frequently miss if I start with a heavy attack.

But for just about everything else… All heavy attacks.

I even swapped the keybindings for light and heavy attacks.

Yeah, I use the dagger lights too to gap closer, but I mean, there are only few light “usable” attacks that have a purpose, like the dagger one.

For exemple, with axes, there is a “fastest” combo that deals dmg, that is the " H, L, H, H" no other combo with axe is faster than this and do more dmg.

In a duel situation, both attackers will always be connecting Heavy ones as soon as they can hit a chain, so light attacks would never be used often because they can be interrupted.

I think the Light 4 attack, the 3 and 4 Heavy should have hyper armor only, you think that makes sense? this would strenghen more the final chain of Light, and not be so op in openings on Heavy.

Yeah you’re right, I agree.

But I would not use a light attack in an axe combo. The light you’re using isn’t noticeably faster (to me anyway) and it has less range and damage.

The axe light 2 is faster than the heavy 2, check it out.

And thats what i mean with the post, the situation below.

The Axe light 4, is slower than the Heavy 4, deals less dmg, and doesnt have hyperarmor lol. Same for light 1 and heavy 1.

I’m using them but I’m not sure. Since heavy 2 can hit enemies all the way around you, it seems like it could deal damage before a light 2. I’ll have to test it out some more.

But even if light 2 is faster, I’d still never use it for exactly the reasons you describe. It can rebound off of shields (no heavy axe attack can), and it doesn’t increase your poise so you can be staggered and knocked down. Also, the heavies can hit more enemies due to wider arcs.

Most light attacks really are useless. And once you get Brutal Strikes, the difference in damage becomes significantly more substantial.

Dagger light attacks deal more damage than the heavies, so sometimes after stacking bleed I’ll finish the enemy off with light attacks. But I typically only do this on animals, not humans.

2H sword is another to use light as an opener for speed. Stamina can drain faster using all heavy, but things usually die by then lol.

Yeah you’re right about that. I used to use 2h swords a lot and I’d open with the light attack, probably about half the time.

Like they are supposed to be indeed, light attacks must be “faster”, but that is not the case in other weapons.

I prefer Light, Heavy, Heavy, Light as a combo.

All lateral slashes. Cuts down groups of enemies in seconds. It’s great(sword) fun!

Light attacks use less stamina

Yes, but when you have enough grit 10+ to 20, and the 10 perk on encumbrance, it doesnt really matter, because you won’t go out of stamina in less than two heavy chains.

When you see a post like

and 10-15 minutes later you see

you start to wonder what was point of the initial post.

This thread is showing alot of people who don’t PVP it seems.

Yes light attacks are useful, they use less stamina because in PVP a decent opponent isn’t simply going to die to two heavy chains. Factoring in dodging and the speed of some light attacks in the chain makes them very useful.

Sure you can heavy attack a wolf or fighter II down in a few attacks. But you’re effectively fighting mobile resource nodes. Not real encounters.

Read the entire post and you will understand, the point of the post is to discuss the use of “all light attacks”.

You’re right. I play single player so that’s the perspective I was coming from.

They really are just mobile resource nodes, the AI is pretty bad.

Yes Tamien, I know that, but explain to me, when would you use for exemple Axe L4 or Sword L4 instead of the heavy ones? When you’re on low stamina? I dont think the hit even worth as you are using a slower animation for less dmg and open to be interrupted.

Im using a pike. I like the heavy combo its keeps some distance but the light attack combo at the end has a sweeping attack that knock human npcs down to the ground. I

If I were to be totally honest with you. Its actually rare that I do use the L4 or H4 attack. The stamina drain in even in certain PVE situations isn’t worth it. The attack animation is just too long and leaves you open.

But that seems to be an issue with all ‘finishers’. They need a heavier and longer stagger.

Yes, Pike is a weapon that have its animations well made, and fits really well to the gamestyle, no doubt on that, they’re well balanced.

Im edditing the post name to relate the light attacks of some weapons that I see its not balanced yet.