List of weapon properties

Does anyone have a list of each weapon type and the properties of the heavy and light attacks? For example, which attacks have hyperarmous, which ones stagger. Or is it that all attacks stagger unless you have hyper armour?

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I doubt there is a list. It would take a lot of effort to make, and maintain (I’ve been staring at weapon combos for one of my mods for the last couple of weeks. So, speaking from experience).

What I can tell you is that just about every attack has either a type of stun, stumble, or knockdown with varying severity. For example, a weapon attack could be a short stun, or long stun, or a very long stun(etc). Same with stumble, duration, as well as with stumble even having variations in how for they stumble. Even the direction of the stun/stumble can be set, with a right or left leanings.

Not every weapon attack has hyper armor. A lot of heavy attacks do, light attacks often don’t (I’m not saying everything is like that, just from what ive observed. And I haven’t really looked at 2 handed weapons at all, mostly 1 handed).

But if you wanted to create your own list, just download the devkit and look at the ComboRules table and you’ll be able to identify which attack does what. Hyper armor is stored in the animation montage, which links to ComboRules.


That’s incredibly helpful. Thank you. I’ve learned a few have hyper armour. For example, heavy sword 1 has it.

Cool new word :wink: . Dude what is hyper armor ?

It means you can do an action in a combo and not be interrupted. Usually linked to a Collision Notifier (when you attempt to hit something with your weapon.)

For example, heavy attacks with a sword. If you try to attack an NPC while they are in the middle of their heavy attack rotation, you can hit them, but they will hit you too without interruption (no stagger).

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Oe the heavy axe attack, which allows you to hit thru their stagger and knocks them down. My favorite by the way.

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A lot people just spam right click with 1h axe. May favourite people to fight against :wink:

Example starts at 21:44

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Thank you very much . This damn mace is so strong an useful still it’s combo is always stoped , unfair :pensive: , I use one handed axe most of the times and I play between lock and unlock target so I won’t loose target and combo . I love the flexibility that daggers have too , you lock your target ,you wait the first attack ,you dodge and one light two heavy last light . Daggers are the most skilled weapons in the game , still I hate the fact that not all the hits go to the opponent even if you touch him in every hit .
Anyway ,thanks again multi :+1:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: , I ’ ve seen all these videos m8 , I really enjoy them because it was a really good example of how PvP must be . PvP is wonderful only if you play this way , still I hate spears and PvP without spear or javelin death sentence .

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