Why am I still being stunlocked to death?

NPCs ignore MY heavy attacks and stunlock me mid swing. I’m wearing heavy armor and may as well be wrapped in tissue paper. Level 1 Darfari warriors are stunlocking me to death.


Hyper armor “ability to attack while being attacked” depends on the weapon type you are using.

I think the best is still the one handed mace, what weapon have you been using?


Two handed Epic argossean sword. I’m a fan BTW. I really enjoy your videos.


Thanks so much! So that would be the reason why. The 2 handed sword has the worst Hyper Armor so you will need to roll and move a lot more to get away from the stun lock. Try a Mace or a One handed axe and see what you think of it. You should be able to swing through the stun lock with both of those weapons. Human NPC’s have also been given some resistance to stun lock so you will need to watch for the animation change in their body.


I will try that. I like the one handed axe so I should be OK. Thanks very much.

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Hyper armor is very weird and not explained in any manner in game, so this is a pretty common problem that many new comers are hit with.

If you don’t know about it and how it works combat seems very random and can lead to quick frustration.

I think it’s possibly the most important element of combat in CE


You’ve got a very good point. I hadn’t thought about it not being explained in game and that I learned it over years of studying the game and reading the forums and patch notes. Maybe a video is appropriate to explain such things :wink:


Yeah, because I’ve been playing for 4 years and didn’t know this. PC and Playstation.

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Honestly I just thought it was another incomplete armour set I didn’t own.

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