Stun locking is ridiculous

Straight to the point, stun locking is broken and OP! and it needs to be fixed. Right now 2 mobs with one-handed swords can corner you and keep you stun locked until you die. Which I can understand this happening if I was wearing light armor, But come on, a player in full silent legion should not be knocked around so easily. It’s really simple, the more heavy armor you have on, the more difficult it should be to stun lock you.


This is part of the reason why heavy armor sucks. It turns you into a damage sponge because you can’t roll away and it gets stun locked just as much as light and medium armor. I think your stun lock problem comes back around to heavy armor just sucking really bad


I agree with you on this one Chump. Heavy armour should offer increased resistance to stun locking. Or for that matter anything. Because as it stands at the moment it has no real redeeming traits of its own, and the negligible increases in damage reduction are just not worth the trade offs in maneuverability and encumberance. Such a shame too, as there are a lot of heavy sets which I really like the visual appearance of, but I just cant bring myself to wear them.


I believe the point of this thread isn’t stun locking per se, but heavy armor. Again.

Stun locking itself isn’t a bad feature, and in fact it’s vital for some weapons to be effective. It’s the fact that some enemies are immune to stun locking that limits the effectiveness of these weapons. For a lot of PVE, though, stun locking is an essential element.

But players don’t have stun lock immunity. They need to dodge away if they want to avoid it. And that’s pretty difficult if wearing heavy armor. So yeah, this is one aspect of heavy armor I feel needs looking into.

The problem is not stun locking itself, but the fact it works so easily against people wearing heavy armors.

In heavy armor you can’t dodge, you must have a bonus of some kind in return against stun locking.

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I can only suggest it again:

Reduce stunlock time by 75% when in heavy armor and add invulnerability to bleed and poison (you simply can’t get those debuffs)

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Why not a partial stun immunity against light and heavy attacks (implying stun still apply when kicked or agaisnt shield blocks) : can’t move but can attack during stun (basically counter-stunning non heavy armor opponents …).

This is why we need hyper-armor and invincibility frames when dodging.

Stunlock protection I agree with, but immunity to poisons and bleeds I don’t. Completely nullifies daggers and makes 4th perk survival useless

We have both of those, just not on heavy armor lol. The hyperarmor comes depending on your weapon and the i frames are on every dodge except for heavy. Heavy dodge has a few i frames I’m pretty sure, but not enough to make use of them on reaction.

Kinda annoys me that light rolls are pretty much just immunity to everything

What is hyperarmor ? I’ve been unable to find anything about it in the CEwiki.

it’s the fact that you can keep combo while being attack with certain weapon like 2h hammer, 2h sword, spear (& heavy axe combo ?)

Bourg just said it, but I’ll elaborate a little bit.

Hyper-armor is what we call it when you’re immune to stunlock. Certain weapons (most weapons) gain hyper-armor during their attacks, so if you’re hit while attacking, your attack isn’t canceled. You still take damage, but your attack will go through.


Where does the ’ hyper-armour ’ term come from?

I only learned it from Funcom.

It comes from fighting games. I’m sure it goes all the way back to the 1990s, but I don’t know its exact origins.

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Heavy armour needs work, bigtime. It’s a shame - some of the best looking armour in the game makes you the most vulnerable.

The problem is - how to balance it? If you add a roll comparable to medium or light, it makes those two armours redundant. Light armour for one should be made even less protective - it’s meta for its movement bonuses, if you hit someone light, it should be severely punishing.

Heavy should come with some additional perks such as bleed resistance, or possibly the ability to partially deflect blows based on a percentage chance - possibly even to the point it mini-stuns/interupts the attacker, essentially turning the blow and opening the attacker up for a counter attack.

Heavy is about damage reduction/being more tanky and right now it really has no benefit given a mobile light with a spear can make short work of one.


Here’s what I had in mind…

Light Armour

  • Light armour could force us to always run and have us become fatigued in a significantly slower pace.
  • Due the significantly slower fatigue building, the stamina doesn’t return until one takes a breather.
  • Fully acting dodge is available only while wearing a full set of light armour of any combination.
  • A set of light armour gives little to no durability benefit, but negates lethal sandstorm effects.
  • This set weighs almost nothing and therefore makes us vulnerable to crowd control at all times.
  • While simple and easy to craft, these sets allow us to conceal all items within the clothing.
  • A full light set combination has 1/2 of a chance to evade any aimed ranged attacks while standing still.
  • Ranged evasion is a passive scale ability in effect when the player is able to keep the scale in balance.

Medium Armour

  • Medium armour could allow us to have a choice here and have us become fatigued in an ordinary manner.
  • Since the fatigue building stays the same, the stamina return acts as usual.
  • Fully acting parry is available while wearing a full set of medium armour of any combination.
  • A set of medium armour has a moderate durability amount and negates lethal temperature effects.
  • This set weighs considerably more, but still allows us to keep our stance while under fire.
  • These sets will take longer to craft due to the variety of materials used to make them.
  • Fully donned sets have half the space to conceal items compared to light armour sets.
  • A full medium set combination reverts 1/3 of the upcoming melee damage.
  • Damage reversion is a passive gauge ability that is reset each time a blow passes our defense.

Heavy Armour

  • Heavy armour could force us to always walk and make us gain fatigued faster.
  • With faster fatigue building, the stamina return is boosted between successful hits.
  • Fully acting kick is available while wearing a full set of heavy armour of any combination.
  • A set of heavy armour has an insane durability amount and negates lethal trap effects.
  • This set weighs the most by a long shot, but makes us immune to crowd control at all times.
  • These sets have imbued traits depending from the materials used to make them.
  • Fully donned sets can only conceal half the amount of items compared to medium sets.
  • A full heavy set combination redirects 2/3 of the damage to the durability.
  • Redirection ability is a passive skill that affects all equipped gear in an equal manner.

Anything else? :thinking:


Concealment of items is about how big the quickbar / radial menu is.

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