Poise what happened to this stat

where did this wonderful stat go?

full silent leigion gear getting smacked around by lvl 1 thralls with a sword…full plate mail armor and im getting pushed around by the lowest lvl npcs

armor classes only seem to provide damage reduction and dodge distance, would be nice if they also added to our stability to take a hit and not stagger from EVERYTHING

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They probably removed it to provide a bit more balance to pvp. I personally am not a fan of getting smacked around by the lightest of attacks. I mean my dagger doesn’t stun everything, and interrupt a lot of enemies attacks. Why if im wearing heavy armor should i be stunned by a bow or a pair of daggers? If anything sure i may stumble a bit but id imagine you would be able to follow through.

Maybe that would make a good and interesting perk, hell even as the final one for strength. Since the final one for strength feels a little meh overall. Maybe for the attack to use more stamina but at least you aren’t halted by some attacks that you shouldn’t be stunned by.

P.S Being stunned every few seconds is not a fun game play mechanic. Sure dodging everywhere can be fun, but only if your attacks are flowing and your hit boxes are working properly. Like in dark souls, you have to design the combat around dodging out of attacks and punishing enemies. I can’t tell you how many times i dodged out of an ai’s attack and go back into suddenly they are able to attack again right away making me either take the hit or roll away repeating this several times.

Or ya know make light attacks not stun, but make heavy attacks stun and give enemies a verity of each to use and define them a bit better. And make the players heavy attacks more slow on a lot of weapons. Besides 1h swords i don’t notice the heavy attack being much slower.

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