Heavy Arm needs a Buff. Stagger on Weapons need to be retooled

There needs to be a reason to use it on players instead of just being thrall armor.

All anyone talks about how medium is the best as it provides close enough high resistance and mobility. In heavy armor you’re more likely to be stagger locked cause the little jump to the side or back you do doesn’t go very far and doesn’t activate as easily as the medium light armor classes can use their rolling. Maybe add in stagger protection while you’re swinging your weapon as you’re heavy and using the momentum of your swing. It doesn’t make sense that the casual swing of a sword can easily fumble you about.

I feel like heavy just need some kinda stagger protection. Where they get a small chance to not be staggered after a few hits. Enemy AI can fight through my attacks easily and not get stagger locked but any action i do is interrupted so easily. Most fights i have to attempt a swing and then mash my dodge button otherwise i’m ping ponged around by every little hit which is silly.

Why am i getting hit with the same impact from all weapon types. Why does a short sword and dagger stagger me as much as a spear and warhammer. I also think the stagger chance on a lot of weapons need to be fixed as it’s rather silly when some weapons attack faster. This would probably help with balance better then just nerfing damage because that doesn’t help at all. Nerfs start going out and it just happens more and more till everything is under powered. So there needs to be more thought put into things. Like better gap closers for other weapons instead of nerfing spears. (I use a sword and shield myself to try and mitigate the insane stagger)

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