Please remove the stagger on spears or add stagger to all weapons


Seriously hyperarmor, stagger, AND reach on one weapon??? I am not even getting around to responding too all the debuffs this weapon provides! Seriously, remove the stagger from it , it is not needed or again add to all the other weapons to compensate for this grossly overtuned and unbalanced weapon.

The one boon of spears is : you can avoid triggering its combos.
Because of this the spear doesn’t mess up your position and escape. On top of this it got reach. But it lacks dps, making it boring.

I would use other weapons if these would not make silly paces or lengthy combo animations.

By no means does it lack dps. You might want to check your numbers again.

The two-handed spear’s number on the chart is on par with one-handed weapons.
But the attack speed is lower and the stamina consuption is higher.

This doesn’t really matter unless you play on “barbaric” difficulty. Here your damage is halved while monster damage is doubled. Still the spear remains a good choice because it’s so safe to use. But oh my does a two-handed sword chop up dem hyenas :smiley:

They are nerfing/ buffing spear. They are going to nerf the dmg on the first 2 strikes of heavy, then buff the ending if i am not mistaken on next live patch. Think of it like a boxer. The first 2 are jabs, and in order to get true damage, you will have to combo thru. Otherwise it will be a defensive tool with the 2 strike stop every one does now.

For NPC’s all weapons are viable, but against humans, the spear is the meta for a reason. 2H are next in line, but most people use the spear for distance purposes 1v1. The 2H if they feel they have a skill advantage over the other fighter or fighting 1 v 2 for area coverage to clear some space. It quickens the battles against garbage fighters.

All weapons would be viable if your character would not be moved when you attack.

Taking away player agency is a bad thing! Its bad when it happens to your target (stun stagger) and its bad when it happens to you ( I cant control my self… must take 2 more steps every time i swing my sword !)

The only reason to have that movement with attack is to cover some ground in a chase/initiation scenario but after that first swing all it does is move you away from your target. You are forced to use the autolock to stay on target or start doing equip/unequip shenanigans just to make your character conform to what you need it to do. Maybe keep the movement on 1st attack in any light/heavy combo but 2nr 3rd 4th should not force you to move.

This would be the end of spears too but f*em. They’ve been OP since day 1! Time for all the other weapons to get some use !

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That would help the problem as well somewhat.

IMO the only weapons that should have stagger is the hammer and mace.

The problem is not the stagger, but hithoxes and animation speed, that resolves balance, staggers are needed because it represents the “hurt” on the strike, dodge and movement is the way out of stagger, manage the stamina, and stagger won’t be a problem.

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Then technically all weapons hurt you when they strike, so all should have a stagger.

Indeed, because they push the body, you must be rewarded for landing it, and avoid being hit.

I would personally like to see these debuffs from being hit:
All Heavies are on 2nd and 4th strikes in combo
Lights are the 3rd strike in combo.
So if you complete a heavy Combo, you can have a 2 stack of the debuff.

Hammers—Cripple Heavy, Stagger light
2 H—Sunder Heavy, Stagger Light
1 H blades–Stagger Heavy, Bleed light
1 H Axe–Sunder Heavy, Stagger Light
Mace–Cripple Heavy, Sunder Light
Spear–Bleed on Heavy Cripple on light
Daggers—Double Bleed Heavy, Bleed light
Javelin–Bleed when thrown
Throwing Axe–Cripple when thrown
Arrows–Sunder Heavy Charged
**Headshots with thrown/arrow is Stagger plus the other debuff.

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