Spear is overpowered

Hello funcom, I would like to mention how overpowered the spear has become in pvp and how imbalanced it really is. A spear well known to pvp players, The Kingslayer polarm or any spear for that fact. The spears advantages are reach, bleed, stunlock and high damage. Even saying thoes words make it seeminly op. The ability to tap the trigger at a slow pace to stop players from hitting or moving or healing and thats not all… It kills fast. Beaware armour or non armour users you will die by this thing. Your defence is a sheild but you cant gain stam whilst holding it and when you open up to run or gain stam. Your dead by the stunlock. Your wepons do minimal because they are using silent kegion which is incredibly op and very cheap with a armourer. So why not use a spear too? You say? That proves my point. Its a one wepon fight spear. Spear. Spear. Quite sad tbh, However if we nurf the spear to have slower hits and not so much of a stunlock. Or even a little reduced damage too then its more fair game. You can hit players with reach and still get damage in and win fights. All we ask for is a nurf on spears. Please funcom. Im sick of using therm to fight back.


Yes, Spears are OPAF, especially “reach” thing is broken, you can’t just get close to opponent and hit them without loosing a lot of HP (if you won’t get staggered/stunned/whatever else, otherwise you won’t do any damage to opponent and every time you try to attack, you are only losing HP)

With broken physics and instant 360 deg rotations and dodges in any direction, it is even more imbalanced.

You can use only spear for chasing and very successfully, while you can’t hit anyone even with an axe heavy attack (which has sprint forward, aoe, stagger) when you are running and have stamina and opponent is just walking without stamina.


well here a counter its a melee item… peck at him with bows especially the poison arrow and then run. or run into water since you cant equip melee item. or run into boss creature and let his OP spear hit those creature.

Ive not had a problem with spear users.

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You would be surprised how many spear fighters can be taken down with an axe and shield, Do some more practicing with your friends or get an arena built for players to come PVP. The spears can be beat. Plus they already nerfed the Kingslayer polearm in the PC update and they nerfed Silent legion armour


I don’t think the spear needs to be messed with at all it’s a perfect weapon and plus i know a lot of people are crying about the spear are the same people that only have 1 wep type in there inventory to fight a PVP fight effectively. Like when I’m actually going out to PVP with other players then i got a full set of weps for any situation that I may run into. For example I use a bow with poison arrows, daggers, a spear. a two hand sword or of the two. i use a battle ax and a shield

Its all about being prepared for the fight.


Reduce your post to the part where you are running into the water.

I can outplay you when you fight with a bow. Done that with other players. They raged.
I also don’t have to attack a boss creature unless I am as stupid as a NPC…

Spear is completely UP.

I don’t even get a bonus to converting female thralls to follow me when wielding it?!?

If anything one handed sword needs better reach. Its supposedly the more versatile weapon in history but in game it has such small reach it cant compete with axe or spear.


As someone mains spear this is true. Spear OP- especially after most recent changes that make it faster animation.

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Actually the spear was the most used and versatile weapon through history. In fact more people have fallen to the spear than any other non projectile weapon. Swords take far to much metal to equip an army with.


Have you used a bow before on a 610 health mad man with spear? Its a bad idea

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Bows in general are bad ideas unless you’re out of reach.

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yeah it called run and climb a hill and pew pew pew. And the posion stacks so at 10 hes taking 10 hps so in 61 sec he will be dead or less.

You cant not expect to let you shoot therm. Bow is crap period

Oh look another pvp complain to kill conan other 5/6th of the game.

I notice spears required more resources and higher levels to unlock.

Devs don’t nerf spears. Do we need a repeat of swords?

Instead of nerfing spears because these players lack skills, buff the other weapons.

Might as well remove the other weapons in the game. Before this patch we had at least 3 weapons you could use. 2-h Sword, Axe + Shield, and spear. Now it’s only spear. (Feels like back in early access… now to make the light hits with heavy damage…)

Instead of nerfing spears, how about buff up the other weapons to where they’re viable. Add reach back to 2-H swords, increase animation speed of 2-h hammers. Increase gap close on 1-h mace and axe. Increase the combo speeds of all the other weapons. etc. just spitballing ideas maybe hyper armor on the gap closers or increased range on gap closer.

The other thing that needs balancing is the rolling system. Right now light/no armor has 2 foundation roll, medium 1.5, and heavy .5. It is literally not possible to “roll” out of spear combo in heavy (assuming you’re facing decent pvp’ers) This has caused the meta to turn into spear/light armor (with med helm). And with how glitchy/laggy the Q lock system is right now, makes it quite cancerous. Last patch you could at least go heavy and trade blows. But with how much you buffed spear it has become non-existant again.

Which also doesn’t make sense since the only way to get the flawless hyborean/Cimmerian is with purge thralls.

QOL buff towards stacking javelins/throwing axes would maybe make them more viable than they currently are. Also if you pick up your javelin/axe it should go back on your hotbar where it is the “fake” weapon. Honestly I wouldn’t mind a javelin meta. Buffing it to where they deal 70-100 damage would make them more appealing for their cost.

Another suggestion would be to make an attribute only reset potion. Having these 2m expiration yellow lotus potions are a real drag, and having to reimplement all the feats is frustrating.


This guys uses spears

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The first two spear heavy attack animations need to be slower, or just make 1h sword, axe and mace faster to compensate.

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If spear is OP, what is axe o.O? SOP?

Ever heared of shield?