Remove the stagger off the 1st heavy spear attack

Simple spears shouldn’t be able to chain stagger things. Please nerf the spear animation

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In fact, they should remove the hyper armor from all first two attacks on heavy chain for all weapons except GS, Hammer and Mace.

How about removing stagger from the first attack of all weapons then? The delay between the spear’s stab animation and being able to dodge is already long enough to make the spear-user vulnerable to counter-attack. If the other combatant attacked back and staggered the spear-user with their first attack, the spear-user would be in serious trouble.

No, seriously. I don’t think removing stagger is the right solution. Ever since they changed the spear’s dodge delay I’ve already been moving away from using the spear as my main weapon towards swords because I get hit too often with the spear. The delay is terrible if the opponent cannot be staggered, such as undead or big critters, or against multiple opponents. If the weapon couldn’t stagger human opponents either, the weapon would be basically useless. What’s the point of having a longer reach if you get hit anyway?


Are you serious? The greatsword has the most hyper armour frames, that is what needs nerfing. As it is now, trying to knock out a T2 or higher NPC armed with a greatsword is an exercise in frustration due to how long hyper armour duration is on the first swing alone, hell, the first two swings seem to share the same hyper armour window.


Yes Im serious, GS is a slow weapon, if you take out the hyper armor the yelder wont be able to hit never, it is a challenge to knock those down yes, and thats part of the fun, its not meant to be easy.

I never said take it’s hyper armour completely, it just needs nerfing, hyper armour that covers it’s first two swings entirely is overkill, there should be at least some gap there.

Put blunted fitting to spear ez pz

You can stagger lock with the spear by slowly hitting heavy this shouldnt be possible

Well if we’re concerned with pvp balance, the solution is to just give other weapons more hyper armor. I don’t understand why swinging a 2 handed mace around has no hyper armor but a sword does. Lots of weapons could potentially close the gap and make an impact with skillful play but due to the stagger it’s almost impossible to make anything other than the spear viable. Rather than nerf the spear, give the other weapons more options.

You’d kill them before knocking them out, the blunted fitting only increases concussive damage dealt (which spears and pikes don’t do, and you can’t increase something that isn’t there), it doesn’t reduce other damage types too.

huh? if its darfari and pirates they will die duhhh if get spear that have 16 damage and put blunted weapon fitting
doesn’t matter to me if you didn’t know im just sharing what is possible dont say that its not possible if you havent tried it yet…
btw if you put blunted fitting to a truncheon good luck with that…

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