Why Heavy Armor isn't good? It should reduce stagger time! :O

Anyone else think wearing heavy armor should reduce stagger time from hits? I think then it would be viable to use since you lose the ability to dodge. I think this makes sense from a gameplay perspective.

Yes it should be immune to slashing and resistant to piercing damage, but weak against bludgeon, it also should cover the whole body leaving no gaps between plates making it a questionable choise wearing it in the desert

I would just like to see it offer some bleed and poison resist to reflect having more protection.

High Armor/Heavy Armor talking points that Funcom should look into and we should be talking about.

  • Becoming staggered is a very serious situation, and can become very difficult when surrounded by numerous enemies as you get stunlocked.

  • Being staggered means that you will not be able to control your character after taking a heavy blow from an opponent.

  • It should also be important that two handed maces or two handed swords should have a higher chance to cause stagger and should be used to stagger opponents unexpectable depending on armor value light/med/heavy and be based on the numerical Value too.

  • Stun-locked: an enemy’s attacks causes you to temporarily be paralyzed, leaving you vulnerable to consecutive hits. High Armor Should Should allow you to soak up heavier hits and increase the number of consecutive hits you can take before getting stun-locked.

  • Light & Medium Should also provide a small amount of stagger resistance? but it should be based on the numerical amount i.e every 10 armor provides 0.1 seconds of stagger resistance? just trying to do basic math here bare with me.

So 100 Armor would provide 0.10 seconds of stagger reduction time .i.e time it takes for you to get out of the staggered animation after taking so many hit or chance to become staggered.

100 armor 0.10 seconds
200 armor 0.20 seconds
300 armor 0.30 seconds
400 armor 0.40 seconds
500 armor 0.50 seconds
600 armor 1 full second of reduce stagger animation time.
1200 Armor would take off 2 full seconds of the stagger animation on your character or just provide a higher chance of not being staggered, whichever would work better. Kinda like how Poise works in Dark Souls.

So then in addition to the current damage reduction armor does currently. This system would make having High armor actually useful then. I like having high armor, but you can’t roll for crap, which means you take “More” damage then because you’re constantly taking hits that would have been rolled out of. Taking seconds off being staggered doesn’t seem like much and it’s not when you’re on low armor values, but that’s the point, it’s supposed to make being a tank viable in pvp and pve when you “can” soak up more damage and still fight back when you’re not getting stunlocked by a dagger or fists.

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Absolutely nothing wrong with Heavy Armor.

Leave it as it is.

I think stagger resistance in general should be a thing. It would mix up gameplay and make heavy armors a bit funner.

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