Poise on Armor ever coming back?



Title. Poise on heavy was important on heavy armor and thus was balanced with reduced dodge distance with heavy armor. Now this stat is missing on armor and you get knocked down and around in heavy armor. At what time (patch) was poise removed or broken?


I think they completely changed how that works.

When heavily attacking, I think one is meant to gain some kind of power armor? which then helps against stuns.
However, I would prefer a combo of old and new system.

Currently every single lil attack stuns/staggers (not only heavies)…

But reasoning in favor of heavy armor because of low distance when dodging…
Actually the 77% dmg reduction or how many it is are the reason itself for the dodge to cover this low distance. Speaking of epic heavy armor of course. I think epic light armor ends up with 25-30% dmg reduction.

That being said, the rework happened sometime during the combat update on testlive I think.


Shields. They are your friend.


Screw them. I dislike onehand+shield combo. The only other weapon I dislike just the same is the hammer.

My favorites?
old bow (prior to combat update) > daggers > 2h sword > spear (because of pvp)

I havent played too much with throwing axe+axe though. Seemed fun when I shortly tested them.
Same for Jhebbal Sag claws.


Dual axe is interesting … but it seems like you take more damage from them. Axe/Shield, 2H Sword and Spear are my go-to weapons of choice, depending.


Mine is Dual Axe, 2H, Spear.

I think everyone has a (x), 2H, spear as there go to :slight_smile:
x is what everyone would like to pvp melee with, but if all else fails, go to 2 meta weapons.


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