Combo guide for all weapons

Is there a place where all the combos for all the weapons are described? e.g. I’m trying to figure out which combos from the 2-handed sword would proc cripple, but it’s not easy to test outside of starting a PvP server and testing against a friend.

As a slightly related note, I wish there was some interface in game that would give us this information, like in Kingdoms of Amalur where you even had a short video of each skill and combo. But honestly a simple wiki page with the list would work for me, like the Warframe wiki pages for weapon stances.

yellow lines cripple, red lines bleed, purple lines hyper armour/shield smash? not sure on those as the shield smash hasent realy been working and each heavy/light attack is a chain of 4 attacks which can be inter changed at wil like light- heavy-heavy-light or what ever you fancy , with 2h sword i like to use light heavy heavy kick

also any attack can be cancelt whit a dodge so how you combo is up to you which is a huge difference to koa (loved that game)

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Thanks. The color codes really help. I’m going to pay a closer attention to this then.

I really like the combo mechanics in this game. Being able to cancel your combo is really convenient and fun. I also like the fact that I can choose between an overhead chop or a large horizontal cleave depending on when you do a light or heavy attack within a given combo. It makes combat really engaging.

I’m not understanding the solution answer. What color lines? I don’t see anything like this in-game.

Weapon trails are a setting. If you have them turned on you will see colored trails that mean as posted above.

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