Thralls no longer doing full melee combos

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The newest update broke follower thrall combat mechanics. They will no longer do their weapon’s combo. For example, equipping your thrall with a Two-Hander, they will only do the 1st swing of either the Light Attack or Heavy Attack. So for Light Attack, they will do the swing ONCE, and then stop, and repeat that animation. For Heavy Attack, they will do the downward swing ONCE, stop, and then do another attack, either another Heavy downward swing, or regular Light swing.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Tell a thrall to follow you
  2. Equip them with any weapon
  3. Attack an enemy
  4. They will only do 1 attack per animation/action

Incase anyone notice yes this is copy pasted post from older PS4 forum post. seems like this problem is nothing new in here


Thanks for your feedback @matox01

This seems to be a returning issue. We’ll crank up the activities at the Wheel of Pain Summer Camp and see if that instills some weapon discipline into those under-performing thralls.


I have noticed this as well, and it seems my T2 fighter thrall does not know how to use a 2-handed weapon at all. She will run into battle and just stand there. Give her back the 1 handed weapon and then she will start attacking again.

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What i see and experimented, is the “equip them with any weapon”.

This isn’t still working well. I had much better result by equiping same, or at least very similar weapon the thralls came with. So if you have a fighter with an axe, give them one, but better. Same for sword and 2-hander.
I don’t mean by that it’s the intended behavior, and what i wish, but how it’s working the best.


I’m experiencing the same as @Vattende, unfortunately and have tried several variations (private in-home server). I have only tested followers, not stationary guards.

It was really disappointing to find since I intended to purge-defend some bases with T4 thralls carrying truncheons.

Sepemeru was, what, scary/challenging/disappointing ? My Captain made one thrall lay down and then stopped fighting. I could swear he was smiling while I handled a triple-spawn.


What about a fighter with a 1H sword? Can they use a truncheon correctly? I would think I might need to find a mace-wielding thrall, right?

Thanks for the heads-up. I just recruited the guy and was going to do the exact thing. :+1:

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@barnes, since ‘recruiting’ a Captain is relatively easy, I rarely look at their default weapon, so cannot respond with certainty, sorry.

I can say the default weapon is random; I have seen all melee types, except a truncheon.

The same applies to Mei and the other melee guy from the Pagoda.

With a single enemy, the Captain consistently attacks, so Captains ‘recruiting’ Captains provides me with a bit of humor.

I have not tried to look at combos since I do not think there are any for the truncheon. Nor can I tell heavy from light attacks, they seem to be the same.

Edit: we may be straying off the OP’s original report, but @ignasis, as usual, has captured the essence.


This is something I had been planning to look at, but hadn’t noticed the impact of yet because I still use the Cimmerian Berserker as my go-to follower. Until he took a dive into the lava last night, he was using full combos with a 2h sword. I had an issue with him not using an axe, but the mob had also glitched, so I can’t be sure that those two things weren’t related.

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I gave my Captain a mace (Aja’s Bane) and she refuses to do any combos with it. Just the first light attack or first heavy attack, then stop, and repeat.

I’ll let her try out a few weapon combinations and see if it makes a difference. I know I don’t like to use the mace either, but it was the best weapon I had I wouldn’t use myself.


Right, did some experimenting. Quite a few Relic Hunters volunteered to give their lives for science.

Test subject 1: Captain (Relic Hunter T4). Originally recruited with a spear-type weapon.

  • Gave her a 1-handed sword. She wouldn’t even fight with it, just watched and danced around with the sword in hand while I was fighting against five Relic Hunter craftsmen. 1-handed sword and shield, and she fought using the first light or heavy attack, no combos.
  • Gave her a Lemurian pike. She did combos like a pro.
  • Gave her a 1-handed sword again. Nuh-uh, give me my pokey stick back.
  • Gave her a two-handed sword. She did combos like she had been born with the weapon.
  • Gave her the pike back, and she did well with the combos.
  • Finally gave her the two-handed sword, tested one more time that she was happy with it, and went home.

Test subject 2: Red-shirted security officer (Relic Hunter Fighter III). Originally recruited with a cutlass.

  • Let him keep his cutlass. He did his combos just fine (and with such a low-level weapon he took his sweet time showing off those combos while killing his ex-colleague).
  • Took away his very own cutlass and replaced it with a Phoenix-engraved sword. Similar attacks, now with some extra cutting power.

It got pretty late so I called it a day at this point… although one (non-aggressive) Relic hunter wandered through my main gates after me, and my Captain and police officer showed surprising initiative, ganged up on the poor girl and chopped her into pieces on my main street. That’s what you get for entering my city without paying the gate toll and breaking curfew after sunset.

I will test some more weapon types tomorrow, but preliminary test results would indicate that a fighter thrall who used to wield a one-handed weapon still remembers those combos, and a fighter who used to like two-handed weapons is still vastly more competent with one than with a one-handed weapon.

To be tested: Red-shirt with sword and board; red-shirt with two-handed weapons; archer with various melee weapons.

Test platform: Single-player PC with latest patches and some cosmetic mods.


Red shirts are the IiI Level Exiles you find along the river. Relic Hunter T3 would be like, a new named character for a two part episode who may or may not live to see the end of the second part

I have also experienced this in Singleplayer Offline mode, with my experiences being similar to those of Vattende and Kapoteeni. Its almost as if they are locked into either a One-Handed or Two-Handed ‘class’ (intentional or otherwise). It depends on their original loadout at the time of their capture.

For example, I can get a 1H Fighter who would usually use a 1H Sword to use an Axe or Mace, but no 2H weapons at all. And also vice versa. A 2H Fighter who usually uses a Pike will use a Greatsword or Warhammer, but not any 1H weapons or a Shield. If equipped with a weapon outside of their ‘class’, they usually either stand their confused in a combat situation, or attempt to run up and punch the opponent.

Finally, Shields and Javelins are a bit more of a wild card on my game… 2H Fighters will not use them of course, but then neither will some 1H Fighters. The parameters become a bit more unclear to me at this point. Although I havent done any further testing for a while now.

Finally, I have never tried to equip either ‘class’ with either a Throwing Axe or Truncheon, so I cannot contribute any information on either weapon.


Further experimentation with Test subject 2: Red-shirted security Officer, who started his career as a sword-wielder:

  • Gave him a battle-axe and a shield. He did combos like a pro and blocked with the shield.
  • Gave him a truncheon: KOed a Set archpriest. Even though truncheon doesnt really do combos, his attacks had no delay so it looks like he knew what he was doing - as he should, being a keeper of peace in my city.
  • Gave him a two-handed pike. Poke. Stop. Poke. Stop. Swing. Stop. Poke. Stop. No combos.

This further supports the theory that there are one-handed (plus shield) and two-handed Fighter thralls.

Posthumous thanks to the good citizens of Sepermeru for their participation in scientific research.

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Test subject 3: working girl at the Scarlet Citadel (Relic Hunter Archer III):

  • Had a sword originally.
  • Took away her bow and gave her a shield. She refused to do combos with the sword, and didn’t block with the shield.
  • Gave her a battle axe. No combos. Lizzie Borden she ain’t.
  • Gave her a pike. No combos.

It may be intentional that archers suck in melee, but they suck in melee.

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I had mixed experiences with that, but i would say yes, mostly truncheon are working.
But i had also some failure, where a thrall stopped using it. I think it’s mostly related to a player kill, or if you ask him to stop follow, then refollow you. As long you make them follow, nothing else, it worked for me.

Also tried some legendary weapons of course. Berserker with… well imagine what. :yum:
It’s working fine so long i have tested now.

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Maybe Sepermeru is special because it’s set as passive city. Npc’s want mostly not attack you if you don’t fight them first. Or to much npc’s around make them confuse.

But of course worth further tests.
Ah yes, i give only truncheons to fighters using 1-handed weapons, swords, maces or such. I think they may work better than archer of course, and those using 2-hander.

Archers are archers, and work best as such. Sure they come now again with a melee weapon, and do use them in fight. But i would not convert them as such.

Like said, if you give them same or similar weapons to what they had at start they will work better.

Sure, there lot of weapons to test, not to forget now the new legendary loots.

But it’s mostly working fine for me with same or similar weapons. This is fine to me, and make also some sens. Maybe it’s intended or not, i’m not sure at all about that, but having just all thralls using what we give them would be less immersive.
So i have to be a bit more picky about what i’m capturing, and get this kind of fighter i want exactly.

Test subject 4: Luba the Luscious (as herself) - originally armed with daggers.

  • Let her use her daggers. She seemed to love doing backflips and spent very little time attacking, but managed to occasionally do two, three attacks in a combo.
  • Gave her a sword. Refused to attack.
  • Gave her a pike. Uses pike combos better than me, and I’ve been using a pike since early access.
  • Out of curiosity, gave her a bow. Turns out she’s a decent shot.

Once again, a thrall who was originally trained to use two-handed weapons (in this case, twin daggers) is competent with two-handed weapons and incompetent with one-handed weapons.

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Yes, dancers fight very well now with the right weapons.
So mostly i hold them daggers, but give them the best i can. Preference for obsidian, starmetal, or the serpent-man which i love lot for the look, but that’s me. :wink:

Id would be a waste giving them a truncheon.
But i had a chieftain from Asagartha on testlive, he did still the backflip, even in heavy vanir armour. Looked fun. Didn’t test it now life after the patch if he still act same.

I remember dancers was in the past bit the weaks, and those that i needed to protect, mostly had them deep inside my base, with others around. Now they do way better, and need less protection.