Thralls on follow are broken

Playing on testlive_us3_pve with a Nord t3 fighter thrall on follow. Go into a fight and get hit a few times and the thrall will take out her weapon and just stand there. Move around do some attacks and she still just stands there. no matter what she will not fight. please fix.


Having same issue on US_2 had thrall using 2h sword was working fine then gave it a truncheon and was trying to knock everything out in Sep gave sword back and now just runs around behind mob with sword out running backwards.

Fixed mine I stripped thrall down to nothing found a easy mob soon as it attacked thrall started fighting. Put all gear and weapon back on and it is fighting correctly again.

Yeah my tier 2 archer turns out favors a 1 hand sword… but with a bow just watches me getting smashed…
Same server…

I’ve run into this a lot and think this might be a fix. Seems when I give a thrall a weapon into his hand slot, it will not get used and they just stand around without swinging it. When I place the weapon in their regular 5 slot inventory, they will self equip it as needed and help you fight.

This was working for me yesterday, when I had the problem.


That is what happened to me. Mine was using a 2h sword just fine, gave her a truncheon and she wouldn’t swing it at all. Gave back her 2h sword and then she wouldn’t use that. later I gave her a 1h sword and she started fighting again.

I will have to mess around with how the weapons are given to her and see how she gets broken.

thanks all.

I had best results by giving them similar weapons to them they came with.
So a 2h fighter, i will equipe with a better 2h sword.

Truncheons i give mostly to good 1h fighters only. May work with others, but like you could observe, they make have some troubles of memory after that.
It’s bit test and trials anyway. But mostly captains, berserkers, and other good 1hand fighters do well with trucheons. Some archers may work to, but still to tests.
There isn’t a real pattern, but like said, most stay to similar weapons they came with is still best.

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