Thrall not using Truncheon

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [America official server 2506]

So I recently ran into the problem, which has never been an issue, that my thrall, when given a truncheon (with their weapon taken from them) they will equip it and get into battle stance but never swing/ knock out thralls.
I recently got a Cimm Bessemer brand new, she kills fine, I took her sword and handed her a truncheon and she won’t help me knock out anything.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Give follower truncheon
2.take all other weapon away
3. Enter combat/ attack a thrall
4. Wait for follower to help bludgeon said thrall with a truncheon to knock out…except you’re stuck waiting and get mauled while follower watches with their truncheon out staring at the enemy.

Switching weapons out can cause thralls to become “confused” and they won’t attack. This has been a known problem for a very, very long time that Funcom has yet to resolve. Sometimes if you put a 2-H weapon back in their hand, they’ll work again, but sometimes not and you have to wait for a server reset.

Right now, I just use a dedicated thrall who only knocks people out and nothing else. If all they have is a truncheon in their inventory since the server restarts, then they’re fine. Just never swap it for something else or you’re back in the same mess.

Thanks. I will safeguard and designate a Volcano thrall and have him be my partner in enslaving… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Er knocking out entire capitols so I can cherry pick my victims. Thanks.

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They’re not your victims, you are their benefactor, saving them from a life of misery and giving them purpose. :smirk:

Sometimes if you place the truncheon on their head until it sticks in their hand (yes you read that right), it will cure the problem.

Odd I’ll try that too thanks. Should his helmet be off?

I never take it off, but I’ve heard some people say it helps to remove a piece of armor sometimes.

Hello @xNoviaX, as it has been mentioned the team is aware and looking into this.

The issue seems to occur more frequently when changing from a one handed weapon to a two handed one, or vice-versa.

Please refer to the following video for a few workarounds around the issue:


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