Can not knock out thralls

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When i try to knock out thralls from lvl 1s up to lvl 4s they die instead of being knocked out. Im level 56 using an steel truncheon with a blunted weapon fitting to the truncheon this has only stated happening since yestaday.please fix this issue.
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Hello Darnellbest, welcome to the forums and thank you for the bug report submission!

There have been previous reports of such behavior and although we’re currently investigating it, a few additional details would be much appreciated.

Did you happen to change from a deadly weapon to the truncheon before this happened?

Were the thralls full health?
Please be aware that the Truncheons do a slight amount of deadly damage that can sometimes kill the Thralls before knocking them out!

Also, does this only occur when using a Steel Truncheon with a Blunted Weapon Fitting, or did you come across it while using other types of Truncheon?

If there’s any additional information that you can think of, or even a video of the issue occurring, don’t hesitate to share it with us!

No had my truncheon on as soon as i left my base and did not have my deadley weapon on the thralls were at full health iv been using a steel truncheon with blunted weapon for a while now so i havent tried the previous versions of truncheons i had. I captured a level 1 taskmaster thrall i think 2-3 days ago. I went off and came back on a few hours later and tried capturing more thralls but my steel trunchon was killing them even with high level thralls and the change seemed to happen suddenley i will try to capture this on a video or stream and post it

Are you solo or online? There are some settings that can be changed in single player server that cause your character to cause massive damage to thralls even with the truncheon.

A friend had this issue and he solved it by restoring default server settings.

If you’re playing online it’s likely a different issue.

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Im on single player and iv cheaked the settings and their all on default iv not messed with any settings yet but i will look at the settings and cheak to see if any have changed from default

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me and 6 of my friends have the same bug it has ben 9 updates since I reported it no fix yet in fact I cannot find anyone that plays in single player mode that doesn’t have it most have given up and traded their game in in fact the game stop in my town wont take any more copy’s the last time I was there they had 30 used copy’s the only thing I can think of is it cant be fixed and funcom wont admit it out of fear that they would loose money or they think its some type sick joke to steal money from gamers I haven’t decided yet but tell your friends not to waste their money if they want to play offline

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We understand your frustration, this issue has proven quite illusive but we’re still gathering data on it.

It’s currently present in our Community Reports Trello board as we haven’t found a reliable repro case, so if there’s any additional details that you could remember, please don’t hesitate to share them with us!

I had this bug. The white bar above the npc health bar does not show. I played all the way to level 60 without being able to knockout thralls. At that point I spent around 4 hours looking for a fix online. The one I found was resetting all settings to default. I did this through all of my menus. I then left the game, closed the program, and shut down and restarted my xbox one. This fixed the problem. I did not have to reload the game, and I did not loss my saved game.

One of the setting I saw that had changed was the thrall decay setting was now enabled. Is the thrall decay code, in any way tied to the code used for knocking out thralls?

I hope this helps in fixing the bug and helps players get back to playing the game in the mean time.

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Welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

Prior to having it fixed, can you confirm that was the issue present throughout the whole playthrough, ever since your first attempt of knocking our a Thrall?

We’ve forwarded your post to the developers as it contains useful information regarding this bug, please let us know if it ever comes up again and if this workaround proves successful once more!

Yes, it was present form when I first tried knocking out a thrall around level 20. I tried knocking out thralls again around level 50 and then at level 60. I was playing off-line. The white bar did not show up above the health bar. I knew what the white bar looked like thanks to how to knock out thrall youtube videos. Since the videos where more than a year old, and there had been updates since I thought that the white bar had been removed for some reason.

Good luck on finding the problem. I known it can be hard to find out what is causing the problem. Best of luck to the programers.

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same bs excuses I have ben told before lets see some action

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