Can't knockout thralls (singleplayer)

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: ['Merica]

Knocking out and giving Stockholm syndrome to the NPCs called thralls. I’ve done it online, done it on my Bud’s co-op server, hell I’ve been doing it in my sleep. Though my own personal singleplayer world exempts me from being able to knockout thralls. I’ll beat enemies faces in till the sun goes down, but they’re as sober as can be(or dead) by the end of it. I’ve tried resetting my character/world, messing with server settings, and crying (everything but uninstalling the game). Been all over the internet to find that I am only in a small boat of Xbox users with this current issue that has no noted fix. This sucks because if it’s not a widespread problem, it most likely will not be addressed anytime soon and it is truly an unsavory experience as I turn to singleplayer to help me unbutt-hurt the online crashfest. Please help me find a fix, or let me know if the team is working on something to fix this in an upcoming update/patch. Thnx!


Really… Nobody else? Seems as though I’m all alone in this nonsense.

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We started experiencing this after the last patch on our private g-portal server. I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s going on. We are using addons, but if you go into Single Player with the same addons, it works. I just cannot figure out what setting or why this all of sudden started happening. And if it happening after last patch is just coincidence or not.

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It actually could be related. I never tried capturing a thrall before the last patch on my solo game. I was too wrapped up on an official server.
I’m going to wait to see if the upcoming patch fixes the issue… If not, I’ll be uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

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Okay. Got impatient and uninstalled Conan along with it’s saved files. Once reinstalled it became clear that everything is backed up on the cloud server. All the problems percist and there’s no escape from the horrible bugs and crashes that plague players individually. This next patch better be Jesus Christ in update form -_-

I once had that happen to my single player game on pc, turns out the patch somehow set time unconscious or somesuch variable to 1, so a npc knocked out would fall and raise faster than I could use the rope.
Check the server settings on options in single player!

Just checked single player game default value for wake up time 1800 10 minutes


Thanx, but I broke that slider from messing with it so much lol. That little grey knockout bar above the health won’t even appear like on official server. Seems like I’ve spent more time trying to fix these problems than I’ve actually played the game :frowning:

I have same problem I can’t knock out thralls in single player don’t know what to do

I had this problem on my single player so I started messing around with the settings. In the server settings under combat, if you move the player damage multiplier higher then you can knock npc’s out with your truncheon.

Unfortunately turning up the damage doesn’t seem to affect anything. At this point I’m forced to just spawn some in, which totally takes the emersion out of it. If Only They didn’t keep releasing the same patch that does absolutely nothing (or at least that I’ve noticed).

Woot! New patch! Tons of fixes listed!.. Oh, none of them work?.. And none of them make my online/solo server anymore playable? Well, at least thanks for making it harder to heal while the lag and crashes take turns doing bad butt-stuff to my soul

I’m getting the exact same thing. No grey bar above thralls heads, can actually beat them to death with a 1 damage truncheon as they never get ko’d.

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Same here, no grey bar.

(Running on Xbox One X)

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Did you folks look at the Thrall Wake-up Time slider?

Still having the same problem here mate. It’s such a huge mechanic of the gameplay, but yet single players can’t enjoy any of it. It’s truly upsetting. I’ve tried using three different clubs on lvl 1 thralls and all I get is broken clubs.

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Still happening to me on my Xbox One single player game. Wish I could say I found the UberSecret workaround.

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Anyone tested making new sp session+new char if that helps?

I’m at the point where I’m going to try this. I’m playing offline in single player and just made the wheel of pain. So here I come thralls, look out. Or maybe just take the punishment and die, then I’ll be pissed.

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Been off for awhile but noticed a new update. Just gave it a go and nothing has changed. Can’t believe they added a $10 dlc before they made their game playable for everyone. What a slap in the face

I know it looks bad but, the DLC team has nothing to do with fixing bugs. If they aren’t working on this game, CE would lose them for other funcom projects. And once lost, they may not come back… or they could have to start fresh with new artists (probably causing a whole different set of issues as they learn to add new objects and art to this bug filled mess).