Can't Knockout Thralls (Single Player)

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: Knockout meter not visible
Region: [USA]

I can’t seem to get the knockout meter to even be visible. It takes the fun out of this game when I’m playing on single player/co-op mode. i don’t know if i’m missing something, but even if that were true, the knockout meter should at least be present at all times. i started playing on single player since my friends got bored and i was the only one left on their private server. i didn’t want them to keep paying, so i went to single. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE building, but i wanted to fill my fortress with thralls. it’s just not as fun when you have to spawn them in every time. i feel as though funcom forgets all about single player when doing ANY updates. smh…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start up single player/co-op
  2. equip blunted weapon
  3. swing at npcs
  4. keep swinging at npcs until i get tired and kill them with my normal weapon
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Everything regarding knocking out thralls in single player seems to be working fine for PC. This might be a PS4 only issue. Hope that information helps Funcom track down and squash the bug for you.

nope, i saw a similar post in the xbox forum

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Yep, I saw that too just a little while ago. Maybe its a console issue?

idk, but my friend’s works. so i’m, unfortunately, restarting. i’m gonna try to test it and see if it works before i waste my time and build a whole city again.

so i tried restarting and it worked again. so it seems to be a weird glitch that occurs on occasion. however, once it’s there, it doesn’t go away.

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No problems on my PS4. Been clubbing away quite happily.

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No problems on my PS4 either, it’s the standard version of the PS4.
I captured 5 thralls with “love tap” in Sepermeru yesterday, I’m playing single player mode.


Yeah… it’s a random glitch. It’s really frustrating if you don’t catch it early on… which is entirely possible since most people aren’t gonna even try to knockout thralls until after putting in some work on their base.

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Whenever I used admin rights in singleplayer - like flying or god mode or even just spawning stuff in…
All those times I wasnt able to properly knock out thralls.


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