No knockout bar (PS4)

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [U.S.]

I’ve been scouring the internet, assuming I was doing something wrong when it comes to knocking out and capturing thralls. However, I’ve found many cases where people playing on single player couldn’t knock anything out. Named or unnamed thralls. Skulls or none. Apparently this has been a bug for more than a year and still no fix. What’s the deal? I just want the game to work as it should, so forgive me if I seem a tad frustrated.

I’m playing on SP with admin privileges. I’ve reset to default and restarted the server twice now to no avail.

Is anyone planning to fix this issue or should I simply quit while I’m ahead and find another game? Thanks.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

@Breedthelove are you missing the knockout bar itself or the entire NPC,S health a and knock out bar.

What truncheon are you using. If you are using admin bring in a steel truncheon and put on a blunt weapon fitting preferably advanced

@Hugo do you have a solution for this. Thanks.

Are you playing offline with your ps4 connected to the internet. I have heard of this problem but my wife and I have not experienced this in single player . In a coop game I accidentally turned off the NPC,S marker and didn’t see a health bar or knock out bar.

New users cant mention other users? Lol ok Funcom.

The health bar is there but the blue knockout bar never appears. No matter what I try. I made a steel truncheon and used a blunt weapon fitting already with no luck. I even tried the blunt javelin. Not only can I not see the knockout bar, I cant knock them out. Its clearly bugged.

This is a full SP game, no co-op. I am connected to the internet though. Dont know if that would affect the issue.

Forum was hit by hackers last year. Now you have to spend a little time on the forum so they know you are not a bot.

Hopefully Hugo will get in touch. I have read of this on the forum just don’t recall a solution. Hard to keep track of so many threads.

Hackers @ people? Sounds annoying.
I understand. Anyways, thanks for the quick reply. Hope we get this resolved! I just want to continue my solo playthrough.

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Hello @Breedthelove, welcome to the forums, can you try setting your server’s settings to default, restarting the session and trying to knockout a thrall again?

We’ll poke the team regarding this issue, it might’ve been tricky to reproduce it.

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Thanks for the welcome Hugo. And not to be rude but I said that I already tried that twice.
Quote from prior post: “I’m playing on SP with admin privileges. I’ve reset to default and restarted the server twice now to no avail.”

I doubt it’s tricky to reproduce because I’ve read several posts from people with the same problem, except their posts were considered solved even though the issue was not. Not to mention these were posts from more than a year ago and the problem still persists. I’ve even tried from a new SP game and the bug remains. Its ONLY on SP that this bug exists, at least in my case.

So anything? Or is this truly a lost cause?

My wife was playing over the weekend offline but with internet connection. Knockin out thralls all bars visible you can play in coop by your self perhaps worth a try

I use to play in single Player mode too. Once I had a issue with my truncheon. I knocked thralls out with just one hit. It was funny for a while: I put whole Asagard to sleep, but it became boring (too easy).

To solve this, i made a savedata back up in a pendrive, and then delete this savedata and profile file .

Then started and new fresh game (that way, it creates a new profile file with default Settings) and loaded my savedata previously backed up

It solved this one hit truncheon for me. I don’t know why, but sometimes this profile file gets corrupted. While there are no guarantees, it does not hurt to try.

Wish it works for you!

P.S. English isn’t my mother language, i promise i’ll improve it next time!.

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@Bertuh my only language is English and your post is better than 99% of mine. Have a good time gaming.

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