No knock out bar

Newish player here. My research says that has been a huge issue for many people, and somehow still is. I was going to spend money on the game and get the DLC, but I really don’t think so based on some of what I am seeing. A lot of bugs that have never seen any fixes. This particular one: no knock out bar on ANY THRALL EVER!! I’m talking the entire map, whoch I have explired, has I can’t knock anyone out with my truncheon. The bar - does not exist. Ever. I know the game, I did my research, and know what I am doing - the problem is you. Please fix it.

I haven’t noticed this happening. Every thrall that I clobbered with my truncheon has had the second bar.

It will help if you post what mode you are playing, which platform, if you are using mods, and what truncheon you are using against which thralls.

PS4 platform
First Truncheon
Absolutely no knockout bar on any npcanywhere on the map. In a server named xxspaceboundxx or something.

PVE at the moment. No mods

I was thinking TestLive was only available on PC. Good that PS4 can use it too.

Sounds like a private server. Is this correct?

If you change to a higher level truncheon are the results the same?
Is the target taking damage from the truncheon?

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