No knock out bar

Newish player here. My research says that has been a huge issue for many people, and somehow still is. I was going to spend money on the game and get the DLC, but I really don’t think so based on some of what I am seeing. A lot of bugs that have never seen any fixes. This particular one: no knock out bar on ANY THRALL EVER!! I’m talking the entire map, whoch I have explired, has I can’t knock anyone out with my truncheon. The bar - does not exist. Ever. I know the game, I did my research, and know what I am doing - the problem is you. Please fix it.

PS4 platform
First Truncheon
Absolutely no knockout bar on any npcanywhere on the map. In a server named xxspaceboundxx or something.

PVE at the moment. No mods

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